What is an Internet/Online Job Board?

What is a Job Board?

From Job Seeker’s perspective:

Job seeker uses job board to submit resumes at free of cost. After submitting resumes, they wait for employers to call them upon seeing their resume in the Job Board.

From Employer’s perspective:

Employers pay money to Job Boards

  • for searching resumes for their requirements.
  • for posting jobs and wait for job seekers to submit their resumes.

Even though there are many popular job boards like www.dice.com, www.monster.com, www.careerbuilder.com, www.computerjobs.com, www.net-temps.com, www.corp-corp.comwww.corp-corp.com etc., for explaining purpose, we focus only on DICE (www.dice.com) and Monster (www.monster.com). With Dice and Monster, we will explain their features, posting a job (Requirement), searching resumes and do mass emailing to several candidates. When you compare the job boards, 80% of the features will be same across all job boards and some job boards may have some unique features of their own too.

How Employers subscribe to Job Boards?

Employers talk with the job board representatives, understand the product details, pricing structure, negotiate, sign documents and finally buy “search resumes” and “Job Posting” for which they have to pay money to job boards. Usually after the thanks giving day, staffing activities become less. During that holiday season, JOB BOARDS may offer attractive prices to subscribe to their products. Staffing Firms should take this opportunity to buy since they will get discounts from job boards.

During this buying process, employers have to provide email id and the location from which DICE or MONSTER will be used. When DICE/MONSTER gets the required amount or signed documents (e.g. they give credit to employers for using job boards, and later employers have to pay the money) from the employer, they approve that email id, create your account and issue a password for that account. In Dice, for login, email id has to be used and in Monster, you can either use the username or email ID.

Other Info:

  • Try to find out whether you job posting can be linked with social networks like twitter or linked in or Face Book allowing you to reach a broader audience.
  • Try to find out whether your job board has alliance with other job boards. If that so, then your job posting can be published in other job boards also without your effort of posting your job in multiple job boards.
  • Try to find out whether your job board can publish your job postings in Newspapers or magazines.


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