How to market your resume – Tips

Different Ways to Market your Resume?

  • Job Board:
    • Find out the job boards or Job Sites (,,,,,
    • Resume Posting: Submit your resumes on Job Sites. If you are specific on a location/locations search IN local job boards.
    • Search Job Postings: Search Job Postings on Job Boards or Job Sites; Submit your resumes to those Job Postings.
  • Social Media NetWorking:
    • Find out the social Media Networking Websites (,,, etc ; Submit your resumes or information about your expertise to those Job Postings.
    • Search Job Postings on Social Media NetWorking WebSites; Submit your resumes to those Job Posting.
  • Staffing Firms: Approach them; Submit resumes; Call them; follow up with them. You can see those staffing firms in job boards, social media networking, groups, newspapers, job fair etc.
  • Target Organizations: Target the organizations in your favorite area. Go to their websites, register yourself. Search for job opportunities and apply.
  • Groups (Yahoo, Google): Register with Groups; Send your resume to Group Email IDs (usually staffing firm employee’s email ids). Call and follow up with them; See requirements arriving to your email id; submit resumes; call and follow up with them.
  • Resume Flashing (Resume Blasting, Resume Distribution): This is a method by which you have to pay some amount to those Resume Flashing Firms, by which your resume will be submitted to several contacts of Resume Flashing Agencies.
  • Newspapers: Read opportunities and submit your resumes.
  • Job Fair: Attend job fairs; Submit resumes; Take face to face interviews and get selected.
  • Referral: Talk to your friends and get some leads.
  • Campus Interview, Off Campus Interview.
  • Walk In Interviews: Take interview. You can see it in Newspapers, sms, email, forums etc.
  • Forums: Register to forums based on your skill set. You can see requirements.
  • Websites: Some websites may be forums or job boards. They do have different sections commercially and one section may be catered to requirement.
  • Announcement Board: Each employer has some announcement board.
  • SMS Messages, eMails: You can see requirements.


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