US IT Recruiter Training for Job Seekers & Corporate

US IT Recruiter Training course consolidates the end to end recruitment process / bench sales – covering topics like Tax terms (W2, 1099, C2C), Boolean Search, Sourcing resumes by different methods, Visas (H1B, H1B1 (Chile and Singapore), E3 (Australia), TN-1 (Canada), TN-2 (Mexico), H4 EAD, L2 EAD, OPT EAD, GC EAD), SDLC & software explanation from recruitment perspective and much more.

Online US Recruitment Training Course Start Date: 24th June 2024 (Monday to Friday, 4 pm to 6 pm Indian Standard Time, 2 hours per day, 10 sessions)

Staffing Company – Overview

  • Staffing Company
  • Departments
  • Recruitment Team
  • End Client / Direct Client / Tier1 Client, Tier2 Client
  • Vendor / Prime Vendor /Preferred Vendor
  • Implementation Partner
  • Project Implementer
  • Managed Service Provider
  • Recruitment Process
  • Bench Sales Process
  • HR Process
  • Accounts Management Process

Creating Job Description:

  • How to write a job description that attracts the candidate, and vendor?
  • How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in writing job descriptions

Job Description Analysis

  • Understand the IT/Non-IT/clinical job description
  • Understand project description, duties and responsibilities, requirement
  • Find out what IT skills or NON-IT are needed for the Boolean search
  • Find out what must be searched in job boards and job websites
  • Find out what questions should be asked to the candidate
  • Analyse how to predict the correct title (also called as designation or role) if a wrong title is provided
  • Find out the solution if job description is not understood
  • How to speak to the account manager to understand more about the IT job description
  • How to find out ways to create a job description if enough input is not provided

Boolean Search

  • How to prepare the right Boolean Search
  • How to do the Boolean search accurately and precisely with AND operator, OR operator, parenthesis operator, NOT operator and Double Quotes operator in any job board
  • Find out how title plays an important role to retrieve the right candidate
  • How to do the advanced Boolean Search provided by the job boards or job website user interface
  • How to combine the mandatory skills and desirable skills
  • How to modify the Boolean Search when no resume or less resumes are retrieved
  • How to modify the Boolean Search when more resumes are displayed

Sourcing – Job Boards

  • What are the 100 job boards present in United States?
  • How you can quicken your job submission process to 100 plus job boards?
  • What are the different Job Boards Category?
  • Which one is the leading job board and why?
  • How to source resumes from the top job boards (I provide recorded class videos provided)?
  • What are the other job boards which can provide lot of value with less investment?
  • How to post the job in job boards and job websites?

Sourcing – Recruitment Tools

  • What is an Applicant Tracking System?
  • Why Taleo, Ceipal are the leaders? How this Applicant Tracking System will help you? As a recruiter, what you must understand?
  • What is Vendor Management System?
  • What is contract Management System?
  • What is CRM?
  • How to find out the contacts of the candidate if it is not published?
  • How referrals, head hunting must be done?
  • Why your own database or company’s database becomes more important?
  • What is Xraying Technique?

Sourcing – Social Media

  • How Linked In will help you? What happens when you upgrade to premium?
  • Why Linked In is better than Facebook and Twitter?
  • How to source resumes with advanced Boolean search in Linked IN?
  • How to create pages/groups in LinkedIn?
  • How to send requirements through groups?
  • How to use LinkedIn globally?
  • How to user Facebook and Twitter for IT Recruitment? (Overview)
  • What are the popular US job boards?

Screening – Resume

  • What are the important aspects you must see in Resume?
  • How to conclude that the candidate’s resume is not the right resume for your requirement?
  • What questions you must ask the candidate based on resume?

Screening – Preliminary Questions

  • Within two minutes of conversation, how to conclude that the candidate is a right candidate or a wrong candidate?
  • What questions you must ask to the candidate and speak like a hiring manager from recruitment perspective?

Screening – Assessments

  • How to write preliminary questions while posting the job in the job board?
  • How to do video assessments?
  • How to do behavior assessments?
  • How to do coordinate with objective based questions, technical questions?

Screening -Template

  • What information/documents you need to get from the candidate for all IT requirements and NON-IT requirements?
  • Submission of resume to the client or the account manager.
  • What makes your account manager, recruitment team and top executives happy? How your submissions will make a difference?

Screening – Resume Submission

  • How do you justify you’re your resume submission is an unquestionable and undeniable resume?
  • What is expected by the client? How clients evaluate that your resume is a good submission?
  • How clients will get attracted with your submission?
  • How your company promotes itself as prime vendor from preferred vendor?

Interview Schedule, Closing & On-boarding

  • For interview schedule, how to coordinate with the candidate, vendor and the client?
  • What happens after a closure?
  • How to coordinate with the candidate, vendor and client in the onboarding process?
  • What happens after the candidate is onboarded?
  • What happens when the candidate’s project s over?

IT Recruitment Trending Search:

  1. How to do the Advanced Boolean Search and screening for Oracle DBA Requirement?
  2. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for ETL Requirement (Example Ab Initio, Informatica)
  3. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for .Net Developer Requirement?
  4. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for Java/J2EE Developer Requirement?
  5. How to do the Boolean for ERP (Oracle Applications) Requirement?
  6. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for a Project Manager Requirement?
  7. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for a Program Manager Requirement?
  8. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for Big Data Requirement (Hadoop, Horton)
  9. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for Cloud Requirement (AWS, Azure)
  10. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for an Oracle SQL/PLSQL Developer?
  11. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for DevOps Requirement?
  12. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for MSBI Requirement?
  13. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for WorkDay Requirement?
  14. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening for Linux Administrator, Unix Administrator?
  15. How to do the advanced Boolean search and screening or Android Developer Requirement and IOS Developer Requirement.

US Popular Work Permits

  • Why H1B, H1B1 (Chile), H1B1 (Singapore), TN1 (Canada), TN2 (Mexico), L1A, L1B is important E3 (Australia) is important?
  • How to validate work permits?
  • How many years work permit is valid?
  • What is the process to get work permits?
  • What is a recruiter’s responsibility in handling Work Permits?
  • I797A, I797 B, I797C >> What does it mean?
  • How to understand the H1B Approval Notice?
  • Is it mandatory to share approval notice to other employers?
  • Which government website provides more information about H1B Work Permit?
  • Work Permit (Dependents – Wife and Spouse)
  • Are they eligible to work in US

EADs (Employer Authorization Document)

  • Understanding the EAD
  • Understand the popular EADs like GC EAD, L2 EAD, E3D EAD, H4 EAD, OPT EAD, STEM EAD?
  • Why internet content is confusing with CPT, OPT EAD and STEM EAD? What is the right way to find out the solution?
  • How to validate EADs? Which US Government form provides more information to EADs?
  • How to get target OPT and STEM Candidates?
  • What happens after the validity expires?
  • Can I hire CPT, OPT and STEM EAD holders?
  • What is the difference among EADs?

US Tax Terms

  • What is w2?
  • What is 1099?
  • What is Corp2Corp (C2c)?
  • What is the difference between w2, 1099 and c2c?
  • What is Full Time?
  • What is Part Time?
  • What is Contract?
  • What is Third Party Hiring?
  • What is Contract W2?
  • What is Contract Independent?
  • What is Contract Corp To Corp?
  • What is Contract to Hire – Independent?
  • What is Contract to Hire – Corp to Corp?

American Citizens, GC, Work Permit Holder, Dependents to Work Permit Holder and EAD

  • In Which tax term they can work?
  • How to validate their work eligibility status?

US Salary and Disbursement

  • How to understand US Salary Components and disbursement?

Recruitment Template

  • What information to get from job seekers?

Written/Oral Communication

  • What / What not to write /speak?

Popular Recruitment Sourcing Methods

  • What are the different ways in which resumes can be sourced?

Other Important Topics

  • How to write emails to the Job Seeker?
  • How to present yourself to the vendor and the Job Seeker?
  • What are the challenges you face during sourcing resumes?
  • What are the challenges you faced in the end to end recruitment process?


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