H1B Visa Consultation – US Consulate Interview

Scenario: Assume that an US employer filed the H1B cap petition to USCIS for their future employee (candidate) in US, got the approval notice from USCIS, scheduled the bio-metrics appointment/visa interview for that candidate.

What’s next?

Visa Interview with US Consulate…The toughest part… Within 5 minutes, the visa officer takes a decision and the options are:

  • Approval
  • Rejection
  • Requesting for more information/documents by issuing 221g

US Visa officer asks questions to the candidate about candidate’s personal profile, employer information, client information, duties, roles, responsibilities, documents from H1B approval package and so on. If the officer is convinced, he/she inform that candidate that visa is approved and the candidate’s passport can be obtained within a week.

Now the visa interview has become more and more tough by each passing year and if the visa officers are not convinced,

Scenario 1: They give a yellow slip and ask the candidate to wait in the consulate for hours and analyse candidate’s approved H1B petition package. Then the candidate is called, and the decision (approved or rejected) is informed and the decision taken is at the discretion of visa officers.

Scenario 2: They issue a 221g slip, which may denote that the visa is rejected or they request for additional documents or it will convey that more information is needed. Later they also contact the employer or the client to get relevant information about documents present in approved H-1B package.

If more documents are requested in 221g form, the candidate must collate all documents received from either the attorney firm/immigration desk, and must handover the same to the visa officer by re-visiting the consulate. After some time (days, hours, months, years) the visa officer takes a decision (approved or rejected) and again it is at the discretion of the visa officers.

The struggle that most of the companies face now is that they are not able to prep the candidate per visa officer’s expectations, and either the visa gets rejected or it goes through 221g process. If the decision on 221g process is delayed, client will not wait for the candidate to work in their premises and they deny issuing either the client letter or SOW or relevant data to the visa officer and ultimately it leads to rejection of the visa.

The result is close to 10,000$ in loss per person for the employer (big companies) in the form of immigration fee and the attorney fee. Not to mention the efforts taken by the immigration desk and other departments of the employer. Moreover, the candidate’s one-time dream is shattered. From our experience, we believe that 25% to 35% rejections would have been avoided if the employer would have taken the appropriate prep process in time.

If you need help in H1B US Visa Consultation for Consulate Interview or in H1B Visa Consular Process Training, please reach antony@LearnHiring.com.

H1B Visa Prep Process Steps prior to US Consulate Interview:

Step 1Receiving your H-1B petition approval package received from USCIS1) Candidate
2) LearnHiring.com
Step 2Analyzing your H-1B petition approval packageLearnHiring.com
Step 3Explanation of approved LCA from Department Labor (This will be present in your H-1B petition approval package)LearnHiring.com
Step 4Explanation of I-797 approval notice from USCIS. (This will be present in your H-1B petition approval package)LearnHiring.com
Step 5Explanation of G-28, I-907, I-129, I-129 Data Collection, I-129 L Supplement and Support Letter (This will be present in your H-1B petition approval package)LearnHiring.com
Step 6If you will work with the client: Explanation of MSA, SOW, Client Letter (This will be present in your H-1B petition package) OR Explanation of Company Documents if you will work with your EMPLOYER and not with client. (This will be present in your H-1B petition approval package) LearnHiring.com
Step 7Explanation Other documents that will support your petition. (This will be present in your H-1B petition approval package) Other Questions from your end about documents.1) LearnHiring.com
2) Candidate
Step 8Explanation of Soft Skills needed for Consulate Interview:LearnHiring.com
Step 9Explanation of Soft Skills needed for Consulate Interview:LearnHiring.com
Step 10Prepare answer for those interview questions provided by LearnHiring.comCandidate
Step 11Review the answers written by the candidateLearnHiring.com
Step 12Other questions asked by you & Answering those questions1) Candidate
2) LearnHiring.com
Step 13Mock Session on those question and answers (Mock sessions will continue until you are confident)1) Candidate
2) LearnHiring.com

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