US Recruiter Training for Freshers/Beginners

IT Recruiter Training Program – Regular Track – Course Syllabus

I. Day 1 – US IT Recruitment Overview
  • Staffing Company Departments: Roles/Functions of different departments (Recruitment, Sales Finance, HR, Immigration, Contracts, Operations, System Administration, and Sales) in hiring a candidate.
  • US Time Zones, States, Time zones and Locations.
  • End to End Recruitment Overview: Job Description, Analysis of Job Description, Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing, Assessing, References Check, Shortlisting, Client Submission, Scheduling Client Interview, Selection, On Boarding, Maintaining relationship.
  • Software Applications/Titles to be known from Recruitment Perspective.
II. Day 2 – US End to End Recruitment Overview
  • Day 1 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
  • SSN, Driving License
  • Salary Structure in US.
  • Benefits Overview
  • Relocation
  • Cost of Living
  • What does expenses cover for a candidate
III. Day 3 – US Employment Visas Overview
  • Day 2 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
  • H1B cap, H1B Transfer, L1, L2, OPT, CPT
  • GC, EAD permit
IV. Day 4 – US Tax Terms (W2, 1099, Corp 2 Corp)
  • Day3 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
  • Permanent Hiring & Contract Hiring
  • W2 Full Time, Hourly, Percentage
  • 1099
  • Corp-Corp
  • Benefits
  • Per Diem
V. Day 5 – Job Description Analysis
  • Day 4- US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
  • Project Description Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Brief explanation of different IT Requirement
VI. Day 6 – Sourcing Resumes
  • Day 5 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
  • How to source resumes from (job boards, social networking, search engines, groups, head hunting, referrals, database etc.)
VII. Day 7 – Preliminary Screening
  • Day 6 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
  • How to do pre-screening (personal, education, technical and negotiation)
  • Details to get from job seeker
  • Reference Check, Shortlisting, Submission to the client, Follow up with the client and candidate, Scheduling interview, Selection
  • Tracking
VIII. Day 8 – Contracts, Forms, Documents Overview required after the closure
  • Day 7 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
  • Contracts – Overview
  • Forms – Overview
  • Documents- Overview
IX. Day 9 – Doubts Clarification, Feedback
  • Doubts Clarification, Feedback and any new topics participants are interested.
X. Day 10 – Test, Doubts Clarification
  • Test, Doubts Clarification and any new topics participants are interested.

Training Course Start Date: 30th June, 2024.


14 thoughts on “US Recruiter Training for Freshers/Beginners

  1. Hello, I am Sandeep from Kerala. I have a total of 12 years in Client/Team Management (US & UK) – KPO, and 5 Years into recruitment (IT & Non IT). Working as a recruitment consultant at present. Trying to get into US IT reruitment and would like to check the training/ job chances with you.

  2. I had taken all USA immigration, Hr generalist, Green Card, Recruitment training since from last year, Antony sir is explained me all concepts very well and easily understood, he gave me confidance that I will get any type of Job in IT staffing industry, Thank you Sir, I will remember you my whole life time, Antony sir is the best professor I saw in my life time. Last but not the least my this is Palla Pavan Kumar

  3. I took this course from Antony and from day one enjoyed it. He was very patient with us, answered our queries and made sure we understood every bit of information he was providing. His experience and his ability to convey the information is excellent. He gave us assignments and made sure we were able to cope up with his speed. He is an awesome trainer and I would recommend him to anyone looking for US IT Recruitment. Thank you, Antony, I really enjoyed this course. Looking forward to doing some more.

  4. Hi
    This is Keerthi. I am qualified with Btech, MBA. Having NON IT recruiting experience in International school.
    Want to learn US IT Recruiting.
    How does it helps in future? any suggestions?

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