L1 Work Permit Consultation

Popular US work permits in US are H-1B, L-1, H1B1, TN-1, TN-2 & E-3 work permits. Many US Employers usually sponsor their employees to US on H1B work permit or L-1 work permit.

To sponsor L-1 work permit, employer finds out the right candidate and they sponsor for L-1A or L-1B work permit. They either prepare the petition by themselves or through attorneys, and get the work permit approved. Still there are so many difficulties in processing the work permit and few general questions and difficult questions are listed below.

Another hiccup is what kind of questions will be asked in US Consulate and how to answer those questions.

General Questions:

  • What is L-1 work permit?
  • What are the different types of L-1?
  • What is L-1 Blanket?
  • What is L-1A Work permit through Blanket?
  • What is L-1B Work permit through Blanket?
  • What is the difference between L-1A and L-1B Work Permit thru Blanket?
  • How long it takes to get L-1A or L-1B visa approval through blanket?
  • What is L-1A Individual Work Permit?
  • What is L-1B Individual Work Permit?
  • Which one is faster to get approval? Blanket or Individual?
  • What is the process followed in L-1A thru Blanket or L-1A thru Individual?
  • Why organisations prefer L-1A Individual rather than L-1A Blanket?
  • What employees prefer L-1 rather than H-1B?
  • Why employees prefer H-1B and not L-1?

L-1A or L-1B Work Permit Preparing Questions:

  • Who is eligible for L-1A or L-1B?
  • What roles/designation/titles can be tagged to L-1A or L-1B?
  • Whether Education is important?
  • Whether Experience is important?
  • Why an employer must think proactively during hiring process when the employer plans to send the same employee to US later on L-1A or L-1B visa?
    • Why there is a communication gap between HR department and Immigration department?
    • What is the difficulty faced by finance department?
    • How HR department becomes serious on certain issues?
    • How it affects the organisation chart?
  • Why Organisation Chart is important and how to prepare it?
  • What happens when a person resigns who is included in the organisation chart?
  • If a subordinate’s salary is more than the manager, what has to be done?
  • What is the process followed?
  • What are the documents to be collected from?
    • Employee
    • Employer
  • What are the documents prepared by an Immigration Executive OR attorney?
  • What are the Government forms prepared by an Immigration Executive or attorney?
  • What are the documents to be sent to?
    • USCIS
    • Consulate
  • Whether the employer can directly submit Government Forms and documents to USCIS/VISA without help of attorneys?
  • How to map the right candidate to L-1A work permit?
  • Is location a serious issue with USCIS?
  • How to tag the subordinate from one L-1A manager to another L-1A manager?
  • What happens when an L-1A managers starts working with the client?
  • Can an L-1A candidate work with the client?
  • How to expedite the L-1A or L-1B processing time to get visa approval quickly? How much you need to spend for that?

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