Recruiter Video Course for Subscription

Welcome to’s Recruiter Video Course Subscription. This video course contains 6 hours plus videos! Examples are explained with Job Portals such as,, Linked In etc. On top of this, this course also explains about how Microsoft outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel can be used from Recruitment Perspective.

Any one who is aspired to become a Recruiter within aa short period of time, can subscribe to this course, practice it and apply for fresher jobs. The complete End to End Recruitment process is explained with a lot of examples. We strongly believe that subscription to our course is the first step to become a Recruiter.

In addition to this, we would answer VALID/ELIGIBLE questions from our subscribers within fifteen days of your Subscription. (Question should be adhered to our Recruiter Video Course syllabus). Immigration Questions or Tax Terms Questions like w2, c2c or 1099 or Software Development Life Cycle Question would not be answered.

Steps to subscribe to our course:

  1. Send email to from your Gmail account.
  2. We will send our account details
  3. After payment is credited in our account, we will provide access to our video syllabus to your Gmail id.
  4. No download option for videos would be provided.
  5. You can watch the videos from your mobile, desktop, laptop or from your Tab by connecting to Internet.
  6. Subscription Period: 1 year (After one year, access would be removed)
  7. No Placement Assistance would be provided.

Course Fee:

Recruiter Video Course Subscription Fee: INR. 2000/- (30$). Discount for New Year 2021 >> INR 1000/- (15$). Amount to Pay: >> INR 1000/- (15$)

Recruitment Course Video Syllabus:

Sl. NoDescription – Title of the VideoNo. of Minutes
11a What is IT _ NON-IT Recruitment4.43
21b Recruitment Process4.03
31c Requirement Explanation8.07
41d What is a Resume6.01
51e IT and Non-IT Requirement Titles4.12
62a Organization Structure2.46
72b Different Departments in a Staffing Firm2.58
82c Who is a Recruiter and Bench Sales Manager2.35
92d Integration of Different Departments in a staffing firm2.58
102e Client Vendor Project Implementer2.5
112f End Client Tier1Client Tier2Client Tier3Client Vendor7.03
123a Full Time Part Time Contract Employment4.55
133b How Staffing Companies make Closure6.13
143c What is Compensation and Benefit4.28
153d Human Resource Departments3.52
163e Recruitment and HR process2.07
174a Boolean Search7.36
184b Boolean Search and Linked IN11.11
194c Boolean Case Study in www.Dicedotcom34.57
204d Boolean Case Study Sql Developer in www.Dicedotcom12.27
215a Title Role Level4.04
225b Job Description Analysis and Important Points5.25
235c Components of a Job Description2.39
246a Sourcing and Internal Recruitment Sourcing Methods3.27
256b External Recruitment Sourcing Methods5.21
267a Screening Process followed in companies3.21
277b Resume and Preliminary Screening4.03
287c Reasons for rejecting the candidate4
298a Template – Personal Details to be collected3.52
308b Template – IT/Non IT Skill Details to be collected1.59
319a Template – How to maintain Vendor, Candidate and Client Details3.18
329b Template – How to track Daily Submission Details3.28
3310a Understanding Oracle DBA – Case Study2.53
3410b Picking out the right skills in Oracle DBA Requirement – Case Study Z7.04
3510c How to execute Boolean Search in Indeed6.09
3610d How to modify Boolean Search in Indeed3.13
3710e How to explain the requirement3.11
3810f How to post a requirement in www.Indeed.com12.31
3910g How to get skill information2.42
4010h Coordinating in interview and onboarding process0.53
4110i Questions to be asked1.12
4211a Cloud_Environment4.43
4311b Office_365_Intro1.56
4411c Office_365_Plans5.56
4511d How_to_send_email_and_insert_signature8.15
4612a Excel4.44
4712b Excel Exercise3.2
4812c Excel Error Removal and Transpose6.51
4912d Excel Mention Data Types 10.22
5012e Excel Formatting10.38
5112f Excel How to insert a object7.11
5212g Excel Concatenate8.42
5312h Excel Sort3.15
5413a Introduction about Office 3652.16
5513b Resume Overview1.54
5613c Header and Footer6.35
5713d Bulletin Alignment Table Design12.44
5813e Line9.04
5913f Hierarchical Chart8.09
6014a About Company and Employees3.26
6114b About Myself2.28
6214c Job Board First2.38
6314d Job Board Second2.09
6414e Requirement Process and Submission Process4.52
6514f Applicant Tracking System1.38
6614g Client and Requirements3.14
6714h System1.37
6814i First Day Scenario Based Question1.46
6914j First Day Scenario – Question asked by student1.17
7014k First Day Scenario – Solution5.17
7114l Work Start Time and End Time2.04
7214m software to be used1.29
7315a Recruiting Intern – Introduction5.41
7415b Recruiting Researcher JD1 A3.48
7515c Recruiting Intern JD2 – Recruiting Coordinator4.11
7615d Tell me about yourself – As a Beginner2.35
7715e Tell me about yourself – As an Experienced Person2.14
7815f Why should I hire you2.45
 Total Minutes378.76


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