H1B Work Permit Preparation Training

H1B Visa Online Training

H1B: Documents

  • How to get relevant documents/information for employer, candidate and vendor?

H1B: Education Evaluation

  • What information to share and how to validate the credential evaluation

H1B: Prevailing Wage

  • How to find out the right the right prevailing wage for any title recommended by the US Department of Labor?

H1B: Labor Condition Application (LCA)

  • How to fill LCA and get it certified?

H1B Regular Cap, H1B Master Cap, H1B Transfer, H1B Extension, H1B Amendment, H4 to H1B, L2 to H1B, L1 to H1B, OPT EAD to H1B, STEM EAD to H1B

  • How to fill I-129?
  • How to fill I-129 H?
  • How to fill I-129 w?
  • How to write support letter?
  • How to write cover letter?
  • How to write checks?
  • How to send relevant documents to USCIS?
  • How to verify Approval Notice?
  • How to send response to RFE?

Receipt Notice (I797C)Approval Notice (I79A, I797B)

  • How to get the approval notice and verify it?


  • What are the challenges you face in H1B filing? How to overcome it?


  • What happens when the petition is in RFE status?


  • How to pick the right skill and the right candidate for H1B?
  • How to reject the wrong candidate?
  • What details you must check in the document and information?

Account Manager, Project Manager, HR

  • How to coordinate with different executives present in different departments?

Government Websites

  • How to get information from US Government Websites?

H1B Immigration Attorneys

  • How to coordinate with the Immigration attorneys in end to end H1B work permit preparation process?

Upon completion of this Course:

  1. On completion of this course, Students will be able to prepare H1B petition for the following classifications:
    • H1B Visa CAP
    • H1B Visa Extension
    • H1B Visa Amendment

Training Course Start Date: 10th September, 2023.