Job Board Standards and Guidelines

Standards to be maintained while using Job Boards:

  • Job Posting is not a big deal. Within a day or two, you will get used to that. While posting requirement, you have to think yourself as a job seeker. You have to think about the ways in which job seeker will search for a job. Add those key words to your job description or in required skills.
  • The reason for posting the requirement is that when someone searches on a skill set that matches your requirement, your requirement should appear first on Job Board’s results. If competitor’s (Posted the same requirement) requirement is going to appear first, then you are losing your edge and most of the candidates will submit for your competitor’s requirement. Your hard work is wasted here, and you will be under pressure, if you don’t get resumes for submissions to your manager.
  • While posting the requirement, Key information to candidates are: Title, Location, Mode of Hiring, Duration, Employer, Reporting To, Work at Home, Rate, Expenses, Salary, Benefits, Sign On Bonus, Performance Bonus, Job Description, Skills needed, Education, Certification, About your company, your signature. Get resume, phone number, email id, availability from the job seeker and if required, you can attach questionnaire by which you can evaluate the candidate.
  • Try to get detailed requirement, which includes JOB DESCRIPTION and Skill Sets Needed from your manager.


  • If employer has bought DICE for NJ location and someone is using from India and vice versa, DICE will not allow that. They will track the location by using IP address of each computer.
  • If employer use Monster Mass emailing feature, and if you are sending emails to more than 1000 candidates in a day, your account will be suspended.
  • If one recruiter has already logged in to Monster and if second user logs in, Monster will ask answers for security questions to second user. If the second user provides wrong information, sometimes account will get locked. (During the account creation process, the person who created the account with the job board must have selected few security questions and answers.)
  • At times, while logging in, you may get into some login problems. After logging in, your content may not be 100% visible. Speak to the job board’s representative. One among the reason is, you may not have deleted cookies or your browser may not be compatible with job boards.


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