Technical Recruiter Position Interview Questions

2019 Top Interview Questions for Technical Recruiter/IT Recruitment Lead/IT Recruitment Manager Jobs:

The following technical recruiter job interview questions were shared by a recruitment manager, who has got 8 years of experience in IT recruitment. The recruitment manager took the interview for Senior Recruitment manager with 2 companies (employees over 500). These questions will be useful for recruitment manager and recruitment lead or recruiter. Most of the questions are straight forward, and recruiter who has worked sincerely will be able to answer 95 percent of the questions.

The interviewers are interested to find out the recruitment manager’s

  • Strength in sourcing resumes from social networking websites
  • Knowledge on USA full time and corp to corp hiring,
  • Expertise to manage a team in a fast paced environment
  • Mindset to take up the challenges, take the accountability and responsibility for more closure
  • Interest in achieving company’s mission and vision


  • Can you give me an overview about yourself in recruitment?
  • What is your current CTC (Cost to Company) and expected CTC?
  • What is your availability?
  • What is the reason for change?

Recruitment Overview:

  • How do you rate yourself in different areas (roles and responsibilities) in end to end recruitment process?
  • What is your current role in your present organization?
  • Can you explain who is a recruiter, business development manager and accounts manager?
  • Sitting in India, How you are able to interact with US candidates?
  • Up to What time you will work for us?
  • If you are leaving early, how could you talk to a candidate in California?

Current Employer Related:

  • What is the nature of your company’s business?
  • What is the current turnover of your present company?
  • How many employees are working in your company? How many are full time and on contracting?

Interviewer’s Employer Related:

  • How did you come to know about this opportunity with our company?
  • Why do you want to join in our company?
  • How you will add value to our company?
  • How you will brand our company?
  • Have you gone through our website? What you understood about us?

Technology Related:

  • What are the technologies that you have worked on?
  • What is your accomplishment as a technical recruiter?
  • On which technologies, you can technically interview the candidate?
  • On which technologies, you can interview the candidate from recruitment perspective?
  • How you will source resumes for Business Analyst Requirement?
  • If the start date for 20 new mainframe developers is 6 months from now, what strategies you will follow to close those 20 positions?


  • What is your accomplishment as a recruiter?
  • In the best part of your accomplishment, what are the technologies and title for which you closed those positions?


  • How many requirements you can effectively work on one business day?
  • How many resumes you can submit in a week for different requirements?
  • If the client is taking 3 weeks to close a requirement, how many resumes you will source for that requirement?
  • What are the tough requirements to source?
  • What are the different ways by which you source resumes?
  • What is the first step you do after sourcing a resume (overview)?
  • Why a BOOLEAN search is needed?
  • How you will use BOOLEAN search for this requirement?
  • Have you sourced passive candidates? How?
  • How you will search in Google for this requirement?

Social Media:

  • Have you worked on social networking websites for sourcing requirements? Which one is effective?

Job Boards:

  • What are the job boards you have used so far?
  • Which job board is better? What is the reason for that?
  • How much we have to pay, when you subscribe for US job board?
  • How much we have to pay, when you subscribe for Indian job board?
  • If you search in Job Board and if you don’t get the right resume that you want, how you will expand your search in Job Boards?
  • What are the parameters by which you source resumes on job board?

Full Time and Corp to Corp:

  • Have you worked on full time requirements on w2?
  • Have you worked on corp-corp requirements?

Closures and Margin:

  • Even though you are a recruitment lead or recruitment head, how many closures you have done by your own?
  • If requirements from direct clients are provided, how many closures you can do in a month?
  • is the gross margin (one time service fee) for full time requirements paid by the client?
  • When that service feed will be paid by the client?
  • What is the minimum and maximum gross margin for corp to corp closures?


  • What is the difference between i-797, i-797A, i797B, and i797C?

Client & Vendors Related Questions:

  • Have you interacted with the hiring managers of the client?
  • What are the different requirements you worked with your current client and with your previous client?

Client and Vendor Contacts:

  • How many talent acquisition leaders you know? Can you get requirements from those clients?
  • Can you bag orders from direct clients?

Tax and Payroll Related Questions:

  • By which tax term, employee takes care of all taxes in USA?
  • Can a foreign entity (client) from US transfer money to India (vendor)?
  • Are you familiar with tax related laws in India?

Business Development:

  • Can you do business development in US? Can you get requirements from direct clients from US?
  • Can you get requirements from direct clients from India?

Challenges and Difficult Situations:

  • What are the challenges you have faced in US market?
  • What are the difficult situations you have faced in recruiting and how you handled it?

What not to talk with the candidate:

  • What are the questions that should not be asked with a candidate?

Leading a team:

  • How you lead a team?
  • How you will work as recruitment head or recruitment lead or a recruitment manager in a fast paced recruiting environment?


  • How do you remember the candidate details, when submitted for a requirement?
  • How you will work on requirements?

Talent Management Software:

  • What Talent Management Software you have used So far?
  • For purpose you have used that?

Important Technical Recruiter Interview Questions:

1. Mention the difference between end client (direct client), Tier 1 client, system integrator and vendor?

2. What is the difference between proactive hiring and reactive hiring?

3. How do you rate yourself as a recruiter?

4. Have you worked on full time requirements on w2?

5. Do you work on 1099 and corp to corp requirements?

6. What software and hardware skills you know?

7. How can you be sure that the resume you sourced is not a fake resume?

8. How do you conclude that you are submitting the right candidate?


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