Success of a Staffing Firm

Success of a Staffing Firm depends upon the following:

  • Necessary Infrastructure;
  • Establishing your brand name, trusting employees, satisfying client needs;
  • honesty and integrity throughout end to end recruitment process;
  • Identifying direct Clients and requirements from them. Judging Hot requirements;
  • At all stages, focusing on new business development, and enhancing the existing business opportunities;
  • Hiring better employees and performance from them to achieve organization’s motto and goals;
  • Implementing standard procedures with your employees and training them always;
  • Best practices in understanding requirement, sourcing, screening, interviewing, performing reference check, credential check, back ground checks on candidates;
  • Submit top notch Candidates resumes to clients. Always improving Hiring Ratio (How many candidates are hired by client) to submission ratio (how many resumes are submitted to the client);
  • Make all necessary follow ups with the client/candidate/candidate’s employees so that candidate is hired by the client;
  • If candidate backs out or if you are not able to submit resumes, sharing exact information with client;
  • Follow up with the client to get payment ONTIME; Pay your employees, consultants who joined the clients promptly;
  • If the candidate is sourced from a vendor, pay on time to vendors;
  • Excellent relationship with employees, vendors, clients, consultants;
  • Using the available resources effectively;
  • Managing/Changing the focus in down trend (recession) and other challenges;
  • Fund Management;

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