What is Hiring?

Staffing Companies:

Staffing Companies are all over the world and they are involved in permanent staffing or temporary staffing of candidates. Staffing Companies hire candidates in various industries like IT, Financial, Health care, insurance, education, etc.

As per ASA (American Staffing Association – (www.americanstaffing.net), some 2.0 million Americans go to work for U.S staffing companies every business day and more than 6000 staffing companies are present in USA.

Our main focus and intention on this website is to SHARE BEST PRACTICES in HIRING INDUSTRY which includes,

  • Train you as a recruiter or hotlist sales manager so that you can start looking for a job.
  • To help candidates, who are searching for a job ASAP.
  • Highlight the importance of Social Networking.

How anyone can be hired as a Recruiter or HotList Sales Manager?

  • In most of the requirements, they don’t need bachelor’s degree.
  • No certification is required.
  • Within few months, you can train yourself.
  • No need to spend money for learning this recruitment course in our website.
  • Work from Home or Freelancing job.
  • You can incorporate your own company and work as a recruiter.
  • Fresher’s are hired.
  • You can work anywhere in the world and in your desired domain like health care or vehicle insurance or communications or IT etc.

What is Hiring?

Hiring is a process of hiring candidates as per organization’s needs.

Proactive Hiring Vs Reactive Hiring:

Proactive Hiring and Reactive Hiring are two processes by which organizations search candidates for their expected requirements and active (current) requirements respectively.

Following two diagrams explain the process flow involved in the Proactive Reactive hiring in a typical staffing firm:

An Organization may hire candidates on full time/permanent or on contract basis. On Full Time, Candidates will be retained as employees of the organization and on contract; candidates will be working for a particular duration ranging from 1 day through several years. Most of the organizations have their own recruiting team for hiring candidates. If they don’t have recruiting team or if the requirement is difficult to recruit candidates, or if they find difficulty in managing staffing operations, then they approach tier1 clients for their assistance called staffing companies (Also known as staffing agencies, staffing firms, recruiting firms, recruitment agency, consulting firms, talent management firms, talent acquisition firms, talent fulfillment firm).

What is End Client, Tier1 Client, Tier2 Client, Preferred Vendor, Vendor and System Integration Partners?

In our examples or explanation, End Client or End Customer or Client is a company or organization, where software is installed and project implemented or project is implemented with their existing infrastructure or network connection is implemented. To do the above mentioned work, Clients need candidates and they hire them on FULL TIME basis or on CONTRACT basis.

Tier1 Client is one who submits resumes to the End Client or End Customer. They usually are called Preferred Vendors. Actually they are vendors to clients.

Tier2 Client is one who submits resumes to Tier1 Client. Then Tier1 Clients submits that resume to Client. Usually, Clients will not know about Tier2Clients. As per agreed terms, Tier1 Clients receives payments from the client and pays to Tier2 Client.

For client, Tier1 client is the vendor. For Tier1 client, Tier2 client is the vendor.

System Integration Partners:

With the client, they bid on the project, satisfy clients, bag the project and implement the project. System Integration Partners hire candidates in their payroll and implement the project or they hire candidates on contract basis and ask the candidates to work on the implementation. If they are not able to hire the right candidate, then they approach staffing companies.


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