Role of a Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager – Roles & Responsibilities:

The manager who manages one or more junior/middle/senior recruiters is called a recruitment manager. In general, one who manages/supervises all recruitment managers is called as Recruitment Head and based on their experience they may be called as Recruitment Director or Talent Management Head or Talent Acquisition Head, or Vice President (Recruitment) etc.

  • Understands the requirements correctly and guides the recruitment team. At times, requirement gets changed very often and recruitment manager will be asking several questions to accounts manager to understand the requirement correctly. Frames the job description and skill sets needed and forwards it to recruitment team.
  • Analyses/Evaluates the requirements from Accounts Manager. Within few days, recruitment manager can determine whether requirement is HOT or NOT.
  • Understands the strength and weakness of recruiters and allocates requirements as per their strength because some may be strong in full time hiring, and some on C2C and some on internal hiring.
  • Allocates Recruiters on client/tier1 client basis also. If some recruiters have developed some rapport with the client, then the same recruiter will be aligned to those client’s requirements.
  • Evaluates the candidate based on recruiters’ input and provides feedback to accounts managers and recruiters.
  • Always keeps an eye on all requirements from all account managers. Will try to submit candidates’ resume for several requirements if requirements are matching with candidate’s skill set.
  • Oversees all activities until the candidate joins with the client.
  • Resolves issues/conflicts with vendors/consultants. If the candidate is arranged for interview schedule, Recruitment Manager will always have constant touch with them.
  • Hires a better technical recruiter for recruitment team and acts a HIRING MANAGER for internal requirement. Also involved in firing a recruiter, if performance is not satisfactory.
  • Speaks with technical panel to find out the questions that should be asked to the candidate for that requirement.
  • Customizes any new recruiting software that is bought as per the needs of the company.
  • Speaks to Job Boards/Web Site if a problem is occurring very frequently while posting requirements or sending requirements to consultants.
  • Maintaining relationship with recruiters, candidates and vendors.
  • Share valuable information based on the changing hiring trends. E.g. Using Social Networks recruitment related information.
  • Implement the policies set by CEO within recruitment team.
  • Gets valuable inputs from recruitment team and shares it to CEO.
  • Resolves the disputes arising within recruitment team. E.g. For submission of candidates, some recruiters will submit other recruiter’s resume and will try to take credit of that submission.
  • Will involved in day-to-operations of the recruitment team (Leave, Permission, Vacation etc.)
  • Involved in performance review/appraisal of the recruiting team.
  • Involved in creating job descriptions/skill sets needed.
  • Involved in immigration process by communicating with the Legal team.
  • Involved in documentation.
  • Training the junior lever recruiters.
  • Involved in orientation of the new recruiters.


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