Difficult situations and challenges for the Recruiter/the Recruitment Team

Lessons for the Recruiter/Recruitment Team:

Recruiter should be wise and very careful in choosing the right candidate for his requirement by taking the following worst situations into account.

1. Difficult situations arising from Candidate’s side:

2. Difficult situations arising from Client’s side:

3. Difficult situations arising from Staffing Firm’s side:

4. Other situations:

  • Accounts Managers, Sales Manager will not take the responsibility for BACK OUTS. They will put the blame on recruitment team.
  • Some recruiters are lethargic and will not source resumes. They will work only on past/recent submissions submitted by other recruiters.
  • Contract Team will be very slow in signing the agreement.
  • Finance Team will not send payments on or before due date to vendors.
  • For some reasons, vendors would have forgotten about some payments. Finance Team will not try to pay the money honestly to those vendors.
  • Recruiter may type some incorrect information and it will lead to problems.
  • Recruiters will not 100% dedicate to work.

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