Role of a Recruiter

Role of a junior/middle/senior Recruiter:

Based on the company’s title, they are also called as IT Recruiter, Technical Recruiter, Sourcing Specialist, Principal Recruiter, Resource Manager, Talent Management – Recruiter, Head Hunter, Recruiter-Executive, and HR-Recruiter etc. Based on their experience/level/role, they are called as junior/middle/senior recruiters.

Recruiter is involved in end to end recruitment process and engages with accounts managers, candidates (consultants), HR team, immigration team, operations team, finance team etc. Recruiter has strong relationship with vendors, consultants. The success of a recruiter is about.

  • Methodologies to source a resume.
  • Submitting quality resumes as early as possible or almost immediately.
  • Excellent working relationship, ethical with everyone involved in end to end recruitment process and maintaining integrity.
  • Working independently, Team play and understanding management’s vision.
  • Creating own database and to develop relationship with everyone.
  • Adapting to changing trends.

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