How to Source and Screen a Candidate?

Details to get from the Job Seeker:

As a recruiter or recruitment manager, your first introduction to the job seeker is very important. If it’s a full time position with your company or with the client, you have to create confidence and trust with the job seeker within 10 to 15 minutes in to your first conversation with job seeker.

The more you know about your company, client, benefits, policies, requirement, more will be your capability to answer the questions from Job Seeker. If you unsure about your answer for certain question from the job seeker, convey to the candidate that you will get it clarified with your manager and let him know ASAP.

The details that you collect from the job seeker depends upon whether the job seeker is interested to join as full time employee on w2 or part time employee on corp to corp (c2c) or part time employee on 1099.

Get all details along with the resume from Job Seeker. Format resumes as per your company’s standards and submit it to your recruitment manager.

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