How to sell your resume – Tips

We will provide detail suggestions about your resume preparation, package/benefits, Sources for requirements, and contacts for marketing your resume in USA.

  • Specific Area: What is the specific area you want to work in? Analyze it. Example: You may be an expert in Informatica, Cognos, PL/SQL. Based on your interest, choose your specific area.
  • How to create resume: If you are an expert in one area create resume specific to that area. If your expertise spans across many areas, and if you are interested to work in any of those areas, create multiple resumes.
  • How to create covering letter: Create covering letter for each resume that you have created.
  • How to create an email id: Create an email id that caters to your job search alone. You can use GMAIL, YMAIL OR HOTMAIL. The reason for creating this email id is to avoid unnecessary calls, junk emails hitting your personal email inbox.
  • How to sign up to Yahoo Messenger or other messaging software: Download and start using it.
  • Mode of Hiring:Think and decide about your interest.
    • W2-salary with/without benefits (At times your spouse will be working and you can avail those benefits). Usually w2-salary with benefits has less risk.
    • W2-hourly with/without benefits (At times your spouse will be working and you can avail those benefits). Risk is more, but what you earn is also more.
    • W2-percentage basis with/without benefits. Risk is more, but what you earn is also more.
    • corp to corp or
    • 1099. Risk is more, but what you earn is also more.
  • Package and Benefits: Before you join with any employer, think several times and accept the offer letter. Always ask 30% to 40% more when compared to your current salary/benefits. Employers will negotiate and finally you may get 20% to 40% more when compared to your current salary. When employers negotiate on your expected salary/benefit, take your own time to accept it. Information given below will help you to negotiate with your employer.
    Whether your future employer will:
    • pay your salary when you are in between projects.
    • pay sign on bonus, performance bonus.
    • Pay PER DIEM, by which you can avoid some taxes. Example: If you are travelling to a project and if client doesn’t pay expenses, you can claim your expenses by submitting actual receipts to your employer.
    • provide health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, accidental death and personal loss insurance, long term disability coverage. How much you have to pay for you and your dependents?
    • contribute for 401k plan.
    • provide Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    • pay for any certification courses
    • provide training on niche technologies
    • pay for your referrals
    • pay for overtime hours
    • review your salary and performance. Discuss with your friends. You will get to know more about salary and benefits.
  • Location: Premises where you have to work.
    • Choose the location, which you are interested to work.
    • If you don’t like location, but still interested in project, ask your employer whether they will pay expenses (air fare, food, car, accommodation)
  • Relocation: As soon as your current project is completed, your employer will find another project. So you may relocate to another location.
    • What is the relocation amount for each relocation?
  • Vacation: How many days are vacations in a year and whether
  • unclaimed vacation can be carried forward?
  • Holiday: How many days are holidays?
  • Notice Period: After working with your future employer for some time, due to some reasons you may look for another employer. So you have to know about your notice period to your employer. What is the notice period? Whether it is 2 weeks or 3 weeks or 4 weeks or a month.
  • Working Period: Whether you have to work for 1 year or 2 years with your employer. Is there any commitment?
  • Immigration:
    • If you have to get new H1 or H1 transfer, whether your future employer will sponsor 100% for those expenses.
    • Sponsor 100% for your GC expenses. Is there any waiting period to file GC? On what category it will be filed, EB1 or EB2 or EB3.
    • Whether you have to join after I797 approval or after obtaining H1B receipt. How your h1b visa will be processed. It that regular H1B processing or PREMIUM processing.


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