Tech Tools List for Recruiters

To start with, few recruiters or BDM or accounts managers will not be able to figure bout the different technology tools and to which category they belong. So we have grouped operating system software, database software (back end), data modeling (data architect) software, front end software (java, .net), big data software, web technologies software, ERP software, mobile application software, testing software, programming languages, data analytical software and listed out the popular software for which recruiters source resume or BDMs sell their consultants in recruitment and hiring business.

TechnologyTool List
.Net, LINQ, WCF, XML, WPF, ASP.NET, WCF, ETW, .net native, MVC
Application/Web Servers used in Java/J2EE Technology:JBoss, Pramati, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere

More Technologies:

Application/Web Servers:
Big Data Tools:
BPM Tools:
Browser Scripting Languages:
CGI Scripts:
Configuration Management:
Data Analytical Tools:
Data Modeling (Data Architecting)Tools:
DataBase (Back End):
EAI Tools:
ERP Tools:
ETL Tools:
Framework used in Java/J2EE Technology:
Java Integration:
Java/J2EE Applications:
Languages used in Java/J2EE Technology:
Mobile Application Development:
Multimedia Tools:
Operating Systems:
Programming Languages:
Programming Tools used in Java/J2EE:
Reporting Tools:
Scripting Languages:
Server Side Languages:
Testing Tools:
Visual Studio Framework:
Web Analytics Tools:
XML based Languages used in Java:
XML Languages:

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