List of Information Technology Job Titles

List of titles (also known as designation) in a software manufacturing company or list of computer job titles from requirements shared by vendors or clients or list of technical job titles searched by candidates is very important to a recruiter.

For candidates also it is very important to get the right job title from their employers, which will give them dignity, respect and salary increase also when they change to other employers.

Different Titles (Designation) in IT Platforms:

Level:Levels like Level1, Level2.., Lead, Senior, Middle, Junior, Fresher… e.g. Hadoop Lead, Senior Hadoop Developer, Middle Level Hadoop Developer, Junior Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Fresher, Hadoop Trainee
Role (different phases):Roles like Designer, Analyst, Application Developer, Tester, Maintenance Engineer, Support Engineer, Upgrade Engineer, Specialist, coordinator … e.g. web designer, data analyst, java application developer, mobile apps tester, oracle database maintenance, server support, upgrade sql server database. The role based titles will be suffixed or prefixed with the technology based on requirements.

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