System Administration Department Roles

System Administrator:

System Administrator installs all necessary software on the computer, provides necessary connections between computers. Maintain and upgrade whenever required. They also recommend software, computer (desk top or lap top), LAN (Local Network Area) Accessories, Servers, UPS etc and create drawings about the infra structure. They play a key role in submitting reports about the infrastructure and helping the company in getting ISO (International organization for standardization) certifications.

System Administrator’s role and responsibilities are huge and vast based on the company, they are working. Here we provide few responsibilities based on staffing industry alone.

  • They allocate usernames/passwords to all employees to login to the computer.
  • They create email ids and allocate necessary privileges based on designation, role and department.
  • They allocate necessary privileges to work on shared file network. For example, your resume database may be stored in a server. All employees (with some exemption) will be given access to view/edit data in a shared network and use it for recruitment purpose.
  • They provide username and password for logging into software applications. For example if you want to login to Google Apps, they provide username and password and configures Microsoft Outlook to connect with Google Apps.
  • Upgrade software as and when required.
  • They do regular back up of the data and recover it as and when required. Your data in Microsoft outlook or in any email software like YAHOO is backed up.
  • Resolve problems related to software and hardware either by themselves or approaching the vendors.
  • Ensuring 99% Uptime and monitoring system performance. In some strange situations, they also install SPY SOFTWARE on systems and monitor day-to-day activities of certain employees. This spy software system will continuously record (back up) your activities.
  • Assuring quality over the phone services (In VOIP connection, at times, reception may not be clear and audible)
  • They send instructions, warnings, alerts and useful message to the entire team. Sometimes if your GMAIL is FULL, your email will bounce back and will not reach the intended recipients. Before this happens, they will advise to delete emails.
  • They also educate how to use a software/web application and provide training to all employees.
  • If you have chosen work from home option, they connect to your computer and resolve the problems.

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