Sales Department Roles in a Staffing Firm

Sales Department:

Sales can be broadly classified as:

  • Pre-Sales
  • Post-Sales

Business Development Managers, Sales Managers, Field Sales Managers are involved in Pre-Sales Activities(bagging a requirement from client) and Accounts Manager along with other teams (Recruitment, Accounts, Finance, Immigration, HR, Contracts) are involved in Post Sales Activities (closing the candidate with client).

The goal of a staffing company is to do a closure. i.e. hiring candidates for requirements from clients or hiring a candidate for their requirements. To do a closure, they need requirements from the client and candidates.

The role of a business development manager or sales manager or field sales manager is more or less the same. They identify clients, involve in RFX process and bag the requirement from the client.

  • Identify clients by phone, email, newspaper, websites, social networking websites, referrals, references from Employees working with the client, references by customer, advertising in televisions, newspaper, search engines, cold calls(from database) etc.
  • Involved in RFX process. RFX is an acronym used in sales industry and “X” is replaced by several characters, based on different documents of sales activities. RFI or RFP or RFQ or RFB or RFT are documents sent by client.
    Business development manager or sales manager or field sales manager from the staffing firms fill/add information on these documents and send it to the client. With these documents, client will be able to evaluate the staffing firms, discuss with them and if clients are 100% satisfied, they distribute the requirements to clients.
    • RFI – X replaced by I – Request for Information
    • RFP – X replaced by P – Request for Proposal
    • RFQ – X replaced by Q – Request for Quote
    • RFB – X replaced by B – Request for Bid
    • RFT – X replaced by T – Request for Tender

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Along with the course does we have an oppurtunity to work practically using job portals, search engines and social networking sites.

    1. Hi Aaradhyakumar,

      Yes, you will work with Indeed, LinkedIn … etc. Please call us for further details.. thanks!

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