Role of Contracts Department in a Staffing Firm

Contracts Department:

Contract department in a staffing firm deals and manages several contracts/agreements signed with Clients, Vendors, Candidates and Third Parties.

Here we are explaining about the important documents that are signed by client, staffing firm, vendor and candidate after the candidate is selected by the client.

Example: Client Name: ABC Inc; Staffing Firm: JKL Inc; Vendor: XYZ Inc.

On Full Time Hiring:

If candidate has submitted the resume to ABC Inc. directly, ABC Inc. interviews the candidate and if the candidate is strong, then ABC informs the candidate that candidate is selected.

ABC Inc. sends employment letter agreement or offer letter agreement, benefits package to the candidate. Candidate signs the document and sends it to ABC Inc.

Before the candidate joins ABC Inc., ABC Inc. sends Back Ground Verification Request Agreement, Drug Testing Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement and other documents to the selected candidate. Candidate signs those documents and sends it to ABC Inc.

ABC Inc. requests the candidate to take the drug test and Candidate takes the drug test in some lab or in hospital. Lab or hospital sends the report to ABC Inc.

Based on the information filled in Back Ground Check Verification Form, ABC Inc. asks the back ground check agencies to verify the information.

If BACK GROUND CHECK VERIFICATION and DRUG TEST are negative, then the candidate is not hired by ABC. Else Candidate joins with ABC Inc. and starts working.


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