Recruitment & Staffing Agreement Contracts

Staffing Contract Agreement | Employment Contract Agreement | Recruitment Contract Agreement:

The information about the agreements like Right to Represent Form, Non-Solicitation Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Master Service Agreement, and Statement of Work, provided below is brief and not a detailed one, which will help most of the recruiter trainees, resume sourcing personals, junior recruiters, bench sales manager (junior) to get the hang of recruitment contracts or staffing contracts. In this section we are not explaining about the agreements in hiring a full time employee and we are focusing on the corp-corp contracts between a vendor and a client. For a detailed description about each agreement, you can search in search engines and find out.

1. What are the agreements that a client or a vendor send to candidate’s (contractor or consultant) employer before the candidate’s interview?

2. What is the agreement that a client or a vendor send to candidate’s employer after the candidate is selected?

3. What are the details required for the client from the candidate’s employer for signing MSA and SOW?

4. What is Right to Represent (RTR) Form?

5. What is Non Solicitation, Non-Compete Agreement?

6. What is Non-Disclosure Agreement or Confidentiality?

7. What is MSA?

8. What information does SOW contain?


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