Recruitment Forms – Information about Background Check, SSN, Drug Testing, Fingerprinting

After the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work is signed, following forms are expected by the vendor or the client from the candidate.

Nowadays as a recruiter or business development manager, or bench sales manager, you should have knowledge about Background Check form (BGC), Drug Testing, Fingerprinting, Identification Card, Driver’s License, Social Security Number (SSN), VISA related approval, and passport etc.

Frequently asked questions about staffing or recruitment forms will help you to get more knowledge.
  • What are the details required by the vendor from the representing firm after MSA and SOW is signed?
  • What is Back Ground Check (BGC)? What does BGC contain?
  • Is there any physical test to be taken by the candidate?
  • What is Drug Testing?
  • What is Fingerprinting for a job?
  • What information does US visa page on the passport (Indian Passport) contain?
  • What information does US AUTO DRIVER license contain?
  • What is an identification card?
  • What is a social security number (SSN)?


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