Recruitment Forms – EIN, I-9, W-9, Drug Testing, BGC, Liability Insurance

Recruitment Forms – EIN, I-9, W-9, Drug Testing, BGC, Liability Insurance FAQ:

After the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work is signed, following company related filled or copies of forms are expected by the vendor or the client. In the next section, we will describe about the forms expected by the vendor from the candidate.

As a recruiter or business development manager or bench sales manager, if you have knowledge about I-9, W-9, Certificate of Incorporation, Liability Insurance, Certificate of Good Standing, EIN, it will be easier for you to talk to the vendor. If you know these details, you will have an edge when compared to the others, by which you will get a senior role in your organization.

Nowadays companies expect more knowledge from you and in near future, if you take interviews with other companies, then you can definitely stand out when compared to other candidates participating in the interview. You can also definitely negotiate for a better salary package.

Following frequently asked questions will help you to get more knowledge.
  • What employer documents are needed by the vendor on corp to corp after the candidate is selected by the client?
  • What is Certificate of Incorporation?
  • What is Employer Identification Number?
  • What is I-9?
  • What is w-9?
  • What is Liability Insurance?
  • What is certificate of good standing?
  • What are the other forms sent by the vendor to the candidate’s employer?
  • Is there any additional form to be submitted?


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