How to source resumes and requirements using Facebook Groups?

How to use Facebook Groups for sourcing resumes and requirements?

Facebook Groups provide a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests. Groups can be created by anyone. You can create a group, add new members to a group, delete a group, join a group and share message and upload files etc. There are three types of Groups.

Public Group: Anyone can join or be added or invited by a member
Closed Group: Anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member
Secret Group: Anyone, but they have to be added or invited by a member

To know more about Facebook Groups, please visit, On the left of the navigated page, you can see different options (URLs) like group admin basics, group features, groups for schools, using drop box in groups, group privacy and abuse, bug & know issues. Click each option and you can find different ways to use groups.

How to create a Facebook Group:

On the left of the home page, you can see welcome, friends, groups, apps, pages, developer etc. Click “e;Create Group”e; under header “e;Groups”e;. A screen will pop up and type group name, add members, and select privacy (public, closed, or secret). Click create button. New group will be created and you get admin options for managing that group.

For Recruiter: How to join an existing Facebook Group – Example

Assume that you are getting requirements about exstream developer very often. On your Facebook’s homepage, in the GRAPH SEARCH box, type groups named “exstream developer” (syntax is groups named “group name” and hit enter button. You will be getting 3 groups HP Exstream Developer (public group), HP-Exstream Dialogue Developer (public group), Exstream Dialogue Developer (public group). Click join button in that group and a request will be sent to the group admins. After approval, you can start posting the message.

How to post or share a message to an existing Facebook Group:

Click the group that you have joined: (assume that you joined “Exstream Developer” Group). Click “write post” and in the box below, you can post your requirements or bench candidates information and you will get responses. You can also add photos, videos, files, ask questions under the appropriate options.

Examples of groups’ names:

The following information was taken on 20th August 2014. You can add groups based on your needs.

Sample Facebook groups for recruiting:

Group NameMembersGroup
HTML Codes3674Public
PHP Developers India30793Public
Programming for Everybody (PR4E)8583Public
US IT Recruiters1346Public
US IT Staffing Recruiters5663Public
Software Jobs in USA6756Public
Recruiters Zone4904Public
US IT Hot List3313Public
US It Recruiting Requirements7231Public
ASP.Net/ C# Developer Jobs6301Public
Java Developers19050Public
Java for Developers2668Public
Java and J2ee Learners16360Public
SAP Basis & Hana Technical Group3867Public
SAP business objects1700Public
SAP Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Warehouse (BW)5406Public
SAP Network – (GLOBAL)15465Public
SAP Freelance6151Public
Hadoop Administrator990Public
BigData Learning8099Public
ORACLE Financial Consultant5396Public
Oracle DBA — Lets Make it a discussion Room9127Public
oracle dba3113Public
Oracle Report4743Public
ERP – Oracle Apps – E-Business Suite3266Public
oracle apps professional13863Public
sas programmers6602public
Data Mining/Big Data – Social Network Analysis3025public

Important Information:

Social Media User Interfaces are updated more frequently and new features are introduced every now and then. Hence the information we have provided here may be of outdated one! So we request you to visit Social Media Websites for latest updates and to know more about their new features!


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