How to source and view resumes using Facebook graph search?

How to source resume and requirement using Facebook Graphs search?

Facebook ( the largest social network has more than 1 billion users (100 crores) users throughout the world. Earlier it was used by individuals to contact people, upload videos, files, share photos and music. Nowadays companies and individuals also are using Facebook to promote their products or services. From recruitment perspective, a recruiter can use Facebook for branding their company, for searching strong IT professionals, share requirements etc.

Facebook has a search tool by name “GRAPH SEARCH”, which is very useful for retrieving information from Facebook’s database. Graph Search helps you find more of the people, places and things you’re looking for and discover new connections based on what others have shared with you on Facebook. Few examples provided by Facebook’s Graph Search Keywords are mentioned below, which is similar to searching in search engines.

Search Keywords – Examples provided by Facebook:

  • Photos I like, Photos before 1990, Photos of my friend in New York, Cities my family visited.
  • Music my friends like, Restaurant in London my friends have been to, People who like cycling.
  • People who like cycling and are from my hometown, People who like cycling and live in Seattle, Washington.

Facebook Search Box:

Facebook Default Search Options:

For Recruiters: Search syntax in Facebook Graph Search

Type “Java” Developer in search box and hit enter. You can see tabs like all results, people, pages, groups, apps, and events. You can navigate by using different tabs as mentioned above.

Searching Developers by skill set and location:

  • Search String: Java Developers who live in United States
  • Search String: Java Developers who live in California from United States
  • Search String: Java Developers who live in San Francisco, California and live in United States

You have to type the above search string in Graph Search. Results are displayed and Facebook has provided a FILTER BOX to filter the results also. You can also filter the results by gender, relationship, employer, lives in, hometown, school, friendship, and name etc.

Filter Options for Facebook Search Results:

Important Information:

Social Media User Interfaces are updated more frequently and new features are introduced every now and then. Hence the information we have provided here may be of outdated one! So we request you to visit Social Media Websites for latest updates and to know more about their new features!


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