How to search, view and save resumes in Monster?

How to Search and View Resumes in Monster?

  • Place the cursor on menu “Candidates” and click sub menu “Search Resumes”. On the new page, there is a box for typing your key words for your search criteria.
  • Using quotation marks, “AND” “OR” will help you to search effectively
    • Example using quotation marks: Oracle DBA; Type quotation mark first, then oracle dba; then quotation marks. “ORACLE DBA”. If Monster is able to find the exact word “ORACLE DBA” in resumes, it will return results.
    • Example using AND: If skill set is a combination of OBIEE and Informatica; Type OBIEE AND INFORMATICA. If monster is able to find two words OBIEE and INFORMATICA in resume, it will return results.
    • Example using OR: If you need Oracle Applications Financial Functional Consultant. Type (“Oracle Applications” or “Oracle Apps”) AND Financial AND Functional.
      -If you want to exclude DBAs appearing in your search; type (“Oracle Applications” or “Oracle Apps”) AND (Financial and Functional) AND NOT “DBA”.

How to Save Resumes in a Folder?

Monster will display the number of resumes on your search. Based on the resume count, monster will display resumes on a single page or in multiple pages.

  • Start with the first page; by default, monster will show resumes/details on the first page. Click the check box near “Select All”. You are clicking this box so that you can save all resumes on that page in a folder. Usually, Monster displays 20 resumes per page.
  • On top of the page, you can see drop down list box “Actions on Selected”. Select “Add to Folder” from the list box.
  • A new pop up window will appear. Click create new folder and type the name (Example: orcl_dba_01Jun30) and click “Add”. If you mention the skill set and date range on your Folder NAME, it will be helpful for you later. With this naming convention, you can easily predict oracle dba resumes between 1st June and 30th June are stored in that folder June “orcl_dba_01Jun30”. You can view resumes in that folder and you can send letters to those candidates as and when required.
  • Deselect the check box near “Select All”. Click the second page. Click the check box near “Select All”. On top of the page, you can see drop down list box “Actions on Selected”. Select “Add to Folder” from the list box. There is no need for you to choose new folder option again; inside a rectangular box, you can see the folder “orcl_dba_01jun30” that you created earlier. Highlight that one. Click Add button. Resumes on the second page will be now stored in that folder.
  • Similarly navigate to each page. Do the same process and until all resume are saved in that folder.


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