How to become a Recruiter?

What are Technical Skills required to become a Recruiter?

Universally, steps followed in hiring a person are almost consistent across all organizations. It may take some time (1 week) to understand the organization policies, visa process for each country, and may take 3 months to 1 year to develop a client/vendor/candidate database. Advantage is you can work in any country, if you have mastered recruitment process.

Below, we have mentioned skills needed for you to become a recruiter. Within parenthesis, we have also mentioned about the minimum time that is required to master those skills. Usually, it takes between 2 months and 3 months to become a successful recruiter.

  • Working knowledge in Computer; – (1 week)
  • Working knowledge in Application Software like Microsoft (MS) Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Adobe Reader, Notepad, Calculators, WinZip or any other zipping software – (1 week)
  • Searching skills on search engines like Google (, Yahoo ( and how to download resumes matching your requirements. This is not mandatory but in the long run, it will help you – (2 days)
  • Working knowledge in browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla ) – (1 day)
  • Working knowledge in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express – (1 day)
  • Working knowledge with – (1 day)
  • Working knowledge in chatting software like yahoo messenger – (1 day)
  • Knowledge of WEBEX – 1 day
  • Understanding end to end recruitment process:(i.e) understanding the visa process, technology terms overview from recruitment perspective (database, front end, back end, client, erp etc); understanding the requirement (job description, skill set) and how to interpret them from recruitment perspective, speaking with candidates/vendors/tier1 clients, submitting resumes, scheduling interview; co-ordination in signing contracts on successful selection of the candidate, following up with candidates on regular basis, developing relationship with vendors/clients/candidates etc.) – (1 month to 2 months)
  • Additional: Working knowledge in websites like or – (1 week)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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