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Overview about IT Staffing:

Business needs changes; Organization goal changes; Federal/State Government Policy changes; Software upgrades; Changing Trends; Cut through out Competition. To adapt to these changes, Clients (WalMart, Target, Best Buy, GAP, Adidas etc) may buy NEW software and they would like to install, implement and manage it OR they may customize their existing SOFTWARE as per their needs. So clients hire IT consultants to fulfill the above mentioned needs.

On a broader range, IT consultants are grouped as technical, functional and techno functional consultants. To hire these consultants in FULL TIME or in CONTRACT basis or in CONTRACT TO HIRE basis, Client prepares the job description; skills needed; other details like rate/salary, start date, interview process etc and sends it to staffing companies. Staffing companies submit resumes to client and follow up in the entire end to end recruitment process.

In any small level staffing company, revenue ranging from 5 million dollars to 15 million dollars, they will have at least the following departments mentioned below to run a profitable business.

Departments in a Staffing Industry and how they are integrated with each other:

Department Designation of different employees
System Administration System Administration Manager, System Administrator
HR HR Director, HR Manager, HR Assistant
Operations Operations Manager , Purchase Manager
Immigration Immigration Officer
Finance Finance Director, Finance Manager, Accountant
Sales Sales Director, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Field Sales Manager, Accounts Director, Accounts Manager
Contracts Contracts Manager, Attorney
Recruitment Recruitment Director, Recruitment Manager, Recruiter, Data Entry Operators

Brief about how these departments are interconnected:

  • Operations Team purchases necessary infrastructure, and manages all day-to-day operations of the company.
  • System Administration Team sets up the necessary infrastructure to work and manage it.
  • Sales Team bags the IT staffing requirement from clients and introduces Accounts Manager to client. Accounts Manager gets requirements from clients and passes it to recruitment team.
  • Recruitment Team sources and submits quality resume to Accounts Manager and follow up with the Accounts Manager until the candidate is hired by client.
    • After the candidate is selected by the client, accounts manager informs HR Team, Contracts Team and Immigration Team. Sometimes, recruitment team also does that.
  • HR Team takes care of post recruitment process and they are involved in HR policies, staff welfare etc.
  • Contracts Team takes care of signing the contract/documents with client, consultants, vendors.
  • Immigration Team helps in filing new h1bs, h1b transfer, H4, GC (Green Card), L1 and also takes care of existing employee's immigration process.
  • Finance Team: For the new hire, they get timesheets from candidates and are responsible for payroll of employees, accounts payable (To be paid to the consultant or vendor) or accounts receivable (amount to be received from the client), other expenses in a company, company tax returns, and helping in employee's tax returns.

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