Oracle Applications – Acronyms/Abbreviations

Oracle EBSOracle E-Business Suite
Oracle AppsOracle Applications
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
APAccounts Payable
APOAdvanced Planning Optimizer
ARAccounts Receivable
CM, CECash Management
COACharts of Accounts
FAFixed Assets
FSAFinancial Statement Analyzer
FSGFinancial Statement Generator
GLGeneral Ledger
GMSGrant Management Systems
SLASub Ledger Accounting
SCMSupply Chain Management
ATOAssemble to Order
MRPMaterials Requirement Planning
OMOrder Management
PTOPick to Order
QPAdvanced Pricing
WMSWareHouse Management Systems
MWAMobile Web Applications
OBIEEOracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
BSCBalanced ScoreCard
DBIDaily Business Intelligence
BIBusiness Intelligence
OBIOracle Business Intelligence
OAMOracle Access Manager
ICMOracle Internal Control Manager
LDAPLightweight Directory Application Protocol
MOACMultiple Organization Access
OIDOracle Internet Directory
OIM/IDMOracle Identity Manager
RBACRole Based Access Control
SASLSimple Authentication and Security Layer
SODSeggregation of Duties
SSLSecurity Socket Layer
SSOSingle Sign On
UMXUser Management
HRMSHuman Resource Management Systems
CWBCompensation WorkBench
HRISHuman Resource Information System
LMSLearning Management Systems
OABOracle Advanced Benefits
OICOracle Incentive Compensation
OLMOracle Learning Management
OTLOracle Time and Labour
SSHRSelf Service Human Resources
BOMBill of Materials
FLMFlow Manufacturing
OPMOracle Process Manufacturing
OSFMOracle Shop Floor Management
WIPWork In Process
ASCPAdvanced Supply Chaing Planning
APSAdvanced Planning and Scheduling
MSCAMobile Supply chain Application
CVCMCustomer Value Chain Management
GOPGlobal Order Promising
ODPOracle Demand Planning
ATPAvailable to Promise
CTPCapable to Promise
CTDCapable to Deliver
EAMEnterprise Asset Management
PAProject Accounting
PJBProject Billing
PJCProject Costing
PJMProject Manufacturing
PJTProject Resource Management
SOAService Oriented Architecture
ADFApplication Development FrameWork
AQAdvanced Queing
BPELBusiness Process Execution Language
BPMBusiness Process Management
ESBEnterprise Server Bus
J2EEJava2 Platform Enterprise Edition
JDBCJava Database Connectivity
JMSJava Message Service
JPAJava Persistence API
JSPJava Server Pages
JVMJava Virtual Machine
MQMessage Queing
ODIOracle Data Integrator
OMGOracle Messaging Gateway
OSBOracle Service Bus
XPATHXML Path Language
XSDXML Schema Definition
XSLExtensible Stylesheet Language
XSLTXSL Transformations
OBAOracle Business Accelerator
PLMProduct LifeCycle Management
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
OTMOracle Transportation Management

Technical & Others:

ADIAppliication Desktop Integrator
AIAApplication Integration Architecture
ALMApplication LifeCycle Management
AMEApproval Management Engine
AOLApplication Object Library
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
DLLDynamic Link Library
EAEnterprise Architecture
MDSMetaData Services
MISManagement Information System
OAFOracle Applications FrameWork
RICEReport Interface Customization Extension
RICEFReport Interface Customization Extension Forms
RICEWReport Interface Customization Extension WorkFlow
RMAReturn Material Authorization
SCAService Component Architecture
TCATrading Community Architecture
AIMOracle’s Application Implementation Methodology
APIApplication Programming Interface
B2BBusiness to Business
BPIBusiness Process Improvement
BRDBusiness Requirement Document/Business Requirement Definitions
CDMOracle’s Custom Development Method
CRPConference Room Pilot
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
GUIGraphical User Interface
ISOInternational Standard Organization
MDMMaster Data Management
OAMOracle Approval Management
OEMOracle Enterprise Manager
OTNOracle Technology Network
POCProof of Concept
SICStandard Industrial Classification
SLAService Level Agreement
SOXSarbanes-Oxley Compliance
TARTechnical Assistance Request
UATUser Acceptance Testing
UNSPSCUnited Nations Standard Products and Services Code
P2P/PTPProcure To Pay
O2C/OTCOrder To Cash
C2C/CTCContract To Cash
Q2C/QTCQuote to Cash
B2BBusiness to Business
A2RAcquire to Retire
B2RBudget to Report


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