How to Search and View Resumes in Dice Job Board?

How to search (Boolean Search) and view resume in Dice –

Dice has provided options to search by a word [JAVA], more than one word [“JAVA DEVELOPER”]and combination of words [(“JAVA DEVELOPER” OR “JAVA PROGRAMMER”) AND “ORACLE DEVELOPER”] by using Boolean operators such as OR, AND, NOT. If you want to narrow down your search, you can use different filters provided below to search resumes for a given position.

You can search by desired position (oracle dba), qualification (MS), work authorization (H1B, GREEN CARD, EAD, CITIZEN etc.), location (Chicago, Illinois), days back (old resume), recent employer (based on employers), and select candidates from vendors. You can also select by preferences like (Security clearance, employment type, travel preferences, annual salary, hourly rate, minimum education, school or institution etc.).

Since the words or phrases you search are case sensitive you either go with upper case or lower case. When you get a requirement, you analyze the TITLE and think about the different titles that are linked with that title. In the following example, we have mentioned the phrases in upper case. In the following example, Hadoop developers would have posted their resume in with different titles like Hadoop developer or Hadoop programmer or Hadoop consultant. So we included those title in double quotes and separate them by OR clause. If you are not able to search by title, then read about that technology in search engines and then do a different search.


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