FAQ – IT Recruiter Training Program

Why IT Recruiter Training Program?

The Recruiter course has been designed for fresher with inputs from my experience and from several recruiting companies. IT Recruiter Programs uses a cased based approach to learning.

What are some of the job profiles at the entry level in Recruitment?
  • Recruiter
  • Business Development Manager
  • Bench Sales Manager
Do I need to know IT to enroll into this program?

No. IT knowledge is not mandatory. However, those who are familiar with IT basics will be able to use it to their advantage.

What are the average starting salaries in this recruiting field?

In India, salary is between INR 1 lakh to 2.4 lakhs per annum. In USA, it starts from $1500.

Who are some of the major employers hiring recruiters?

There are mainly three types of employers:

  • Large IT & Consulting companies (Wipro, Cognizant, HCL, Wipro, TCS, Cap Gemini, Accenture, Deloitte, Price Water Cooper etc.)
  • All clients (Fidelity Investments, Amazon, Google, EBay, Wal-Mart etc.) where IT and Consulting Companies implement the project.
  • Staffing Companies (Those who source resumes for client, IT & Consulting Companies). In US, there are about 6,000 firms that have been in business a year or more. Those companies operate approximately 20,000 offices.
  • Several staffing companies from US have outsourced their recruitment process, which is called as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). They have their own branches in India.
  • Several Staffing Companies in USA, UK, APAC and MIDDLE EAST have their own branch office in India.
Why would one go for this field? What is the future scope in this domain?
  • This is one of the most exciting fields.
  • Opportunity to go to US after hands on experience (either your employer will file a b1 visa or h1 visa) for you. For other abroad opportunities, it all depends upon the companies that you are joining.
  • Anyone can work anywhere; everywhere in the world (only visa formalities and tax terms get changes). The basics and fundamentals of IT remain same.
  • Not mandatory to have Bachelor of Engineering Degree.
  • Easy to learn and adapt to the recruitment domain.
  • As you gain more experience, you will work as Recruitment Director or Vice President-Recruitment or you may start your own business.
What are the eligibility and prerequisites for joining the program?
  • Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Degree in Engineering, +2 (Twelfth grade students can also learn if they have excellent communication skills.)
  • Should know how to work on lap top or desk top.
  • Should have knowledge about emailing, Excel, Word, and to search on search engines.
  • Focus
  • Willingness to learn
  • Positive Attitude
  • Good Communication Skills
What tools are taught?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dice, Monster, TechFetch.

Is the course conceptual or hands-on?

Course is conceptual with hands-on.

Can and should professionals with experience in some other fields switch to?


What is the duration of the program?

1 week (20 hours)

Is the program offered India or Worldwide?

Face to Face recruiter training is provided in Chennai, India. Online Training can be to anyone, anywhere.

What is the Process to join in the IT Recruiter Training Program?
  1. Make payment.
  2. Attend the training classes through GoToMeeting.
What are the requirements to attend the Training?
  • You need a lap top or desktop with Internet connection.
What are Advantages and benefits of US Recruitment Course For Individuals?
  • Beginner or Fresher can join as a recruiter.
  • Junior Level Recruiters can promote themselves as Middle Level Recruiters.
  • Adherence to quality level standards.
  • To open a company in US or in India
  • Tips to get contacts of companies.
  • For Talented recruiters, to get an opportunity to go to US.
  • No Research needed on websites and Books. Join the course and become a recruiter
What are Advantages and benefits of US Recruitment Course For Corporate?

Productivity usually increases when a company implements training courses. Training across the workforce, from the shop floor to executive level through our recruitment course, improves.

  • Freshers/beginners can be hired and after taking our course, they can work as junior recruiters.
  • Will reduce recruiting expenses.
  • Will improve Company Reputation, Customer Satisfaction, and Competitiveness.
  • Understanding Tax Terms, Visa Process and benefits. So recruiters can hire candidates on H-1B CAP, OPT/CPT, H-1B transfer. Recruiters can do more closures.
  • Effective usage of Job boards. Time taken to search in job board and resume views can be greatly minimized with right keywords.
  • Employees in Sales or Immigration or Bench Sales can do their work effectively.
  • Immigration Team can do their work effectively in preparing job duties for the consultant, find out relevant soc code matching the job description, preparing Letter of Support, prepare job advertisements during PERM process, and preparing I-140 petition.
  • Bench Sales Managers can also do recruiter job.
  • Team Leads (Those who do not know 100% recruitment process) can understand the Recruiter’s problems.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m a US IT Recruiter and I have six months of experience in US staffing but I’m facing a problem in daily submission and I’m not able to source high-quality candidates. So I want to improve my sourcing skills and daily submission.

    If you have any training program them please let me know on my email.

    Thank you
    Krishna Mohan Sharma

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