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You are here: Home Operations Department: Operations Department Roles

Operations Department:

Operations Team purchases necessary infrastructure, and manages all day-to-day operations of the company. The function of the operation team may differ from one staffing firm to another firm and we explain on a broader perspective.

Internal Welfare: Resolves all problems, issues pertaining within the entire recruitment team.

Immigration: Collects all documents for immigration/non-immigration and sends it through mail to attorneys.

Payroll: Sends all documents (pay slip, w2 etc.) to employees.


Face to Face Interview: When client is interested for face to face interview with the candidate, and if the candidates are far away from client's location, operation department coordinates with client and candidate and they book flight, cab, lodging for the candidate. If the candidate drives by car to the client place, they can actually reimburse based on mileage used. Usually candidate or staffing firm submits invoice for the actual travelling expenses that has happened and the amount is reimbursed by the client. Client has a CAP for all the expenses that have been incurred. Example: For hotel expenses (break fast, lunch, dinner) the cap may be 50$ per day. Staffing or candidate cannot claim more than 50$ in a day for hotel expenses.

Expense Paid Projects: If the client is not able to hire local candidate for short term projects for some niche skill sets, they pay travelling expenses (air fare, cab fare, lodging fare and hotel expenses fare) to the candidates. Usually candidates work with the client from Monday through Friday OR Monday through Thursday. They fly on Sunday/Monday to the client place and return back to their home during the weekends. Operations department coordinates with client and candidate.

Relocation: If out stationed candidate is hired for a client or for a staffing firm, they pay eligible relocation expenses. Operation department coordinates with client and candidate or candidate.

Communication: Sends corporate communications through emails or mails, happy birthday wishes, and service anniversary to all employees.

Gift: Yearly once they send cards to all clients/vendors. They also send surprise gifts to employees based on performance, tenure.

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