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Recruitment Forms – Information about Background Check, SSN, Drug Testing & Fingerprinting:

After the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work is signed, following forms are expected by the vendor or the client from the candidate. Nowadays as a recruiter or business development manager, or bench sales manager, you should have knowledge about Background Check form (BGC), Drug Testing, Fingerprinting, Identification Card, Driver’s License, Social Security Number (SSN), VISA related approval, and passport etc. Frequently asked questions about staffing or recruitment forms will help you to get more knowledge.

1. What are the details required by the vendor from the representing firm after MSA and SOW is signed?

After the MSA and SOW is signed by the firm representing the candidate, the contracts department from the vendor will at least ask for the following information/documents.

  • Candidate Full Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Phone/Cell Number, Email ID, Skype ID, Photo ID, Current Location, Availability, Relocation, Previously submitted to Client or not.
  • Total years of experience, Total years of US experience
  • Date of Birth, SSN-Last 4 digits, Rate, Tax Terms, Employer contact details
  • Reference Name, Reference Title, Reference Phone, Reference Email ID, Clients Worked
  • Mandatory skills as per client JD, Rating, Last Used (Year and Project)
  • Preferred Skills as per client JD, Rating, Last Used (Year and Project)
  • Domain, No of Years Experience, Client Worked with Year
  • Resume
  • Background Check Report, Submission of Finger Print (As requested), and Submission of Drug Testing


  • For H1B candidates: copy of passport first page, copy of passport last page, Copy of visa in passport, copy of I-94, copy of I-797 or H1B receipt, LCA based on project location.
  • For L2 – EAD candidates: copy of passport first page, copy of passport last page, Copy of visa in passport, copy of I-94, EAD card.

2. What is Back Ground Check (BGC)? What does BGC contain?

Back Ground Check Form is used to check the credentials of the candidate. Example: Employment History, Qualification, Residential Stay, Visa Status etc.

In BGC, following information has to be filled. Based on the visa status, employment history, candidate will fill only the required fields.

Full Name, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Gender, Address, Email ID, Phone Numbers, Country of Residence, Country of Citizenship, Social Security Number, Passport Number, Driver License Number/State Issued/Date of Issue, Date of Expiry, List of all address lived in for past 10 years, Immigration Status (Citizen, Permanent Residence, EAD, H1B, Student/EAD, Permanent Residence (Green Card Holder(Date of Issue, Expiry Date), GC EAD (Date of Issue, Expiry Date), H1B (Date of First entry to USA, Date of first h1 Issue, Current H1 Employer, Current H1 Issue Date, Current H1 Expiry Date, Student EAD (Date of Issue, Expiry Date), Education History, Employment History, Background Questions etc.

3. Is there any physical test to be taken by the candidate?

  • Drug Testing
  • Finger Print (some clients may need this)

4. What is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is a process by which doctors will evaluate whether the candidate has taken any illegal drugs.

5. What is Fingerprinting for a job?

Fingerprinting is a process by which fingerprints of the candidates are scanned and stored in the Government database. Fingerprints are checked with Federal Government database and if there are no negative records, candidates will be hired.

6. What information does US visa page on the passport (Indian Passport) contain?

Control Number, Issuing Post Name, Surname, Given Name, Passport Number, Gender, birth Date, Nationality, Entries, Issue Date, Expiration Date, Visa Type/Class etc.

7. What information does US AUTO DRIVER license contain?

Driving License Number, Date of Birth, Issue Date, Expiry Date, Name, Address, Gender, Height, Eyes Color, visa status etc.

8. What is an identification card?

Identification Card is provided by government agencies, which contains information like identification card number, name of the person, address, gender, weight, height, issued date, expiry date, date of birth, and eyes color etc. Those who request this card, must also sign on the card.

9. What is a social security number (ssn)?

Social Security Number is a nine digit number, which is used for identification and social security purpose. American Citizen, Permanent Residents (GC), H1B, EAD holders etc will have social security numbers and is used for job purpose, to open a bank account and get some government services etc.

In the payroll, social security amount is deducted from employee and remitted to Government. Whatever amount is deducted from employee's payroll, employer should also pay the same amount to the Government.

The amount deducted in each year is based on your salary and has a Wage base Limit (SALARY CAP). There is no need to pay social security, if your salary exceeds that SALARY CAP. In year 2014, the base wage limit is $117,000 i.e. for the amount that you earn more than $117,000, there is no need for the candidate to pay social security.

Please go to www.ssa.gov to get more information.

Social Security Deduction: The current tax rate for social security is 6.2% for the employer and 6.2% for the employee, or 12.4% total.After retirement, or after some period of service as described by government, you will get social security benefits.

You should always keep this social security number and whenever there is a need, you have to provide that SSN.

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