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How Facebook Pages can be used in recruiting?

Pages allow real organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate broadly with people who like them. Pages may only be created and managed by official representatives. You can use pages to reach more people, promote page, boost posts and promote website. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/help/364458366957655/ about creating pages.

Example Facebook Page created for www.LearnHiring.com:

Facebook Page of www.LearnHiring.com

To find out the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups: please visit


How to search for Pages in Facebook?

Syntax: Pages named <what you are searching>.

Example: Pages named "java developers"

How to create pages in Facebook:

Step 1:

  • Sign in to Facebook.com
  • On the home page left, you can see different headers. Under pages, click "create pages".
  • A new page pops up. Click Company, Organization or Institution.

How to create a Page in Facebook

Step 2:

  • a. New page pops up.
  • b. Choose category and enter company name.

How to create a Page in Facebook Step2

Step 3:

  • a. About tab: Write about your company, and type your website name. You have to write about your company and how it is involved in us staffing activities.

How to create a Page in Facebook Step3a

  • b. Profile Pictures Tab: Upload pictures.

How to create a Page in Facebook Step3b

  • c. Add to favorites Tab: Type your favorite name for news feed or message or events.

How to create a Page in Facebook Step3c

  • d. Reach more people Tab: If you are interested in advertising, go ahead or skip this process.

How to create a Page in Facebook Step3d

  • e. Your new page will be created, published and visible to all Facebook users.

To see the Page created:

On the home page left below welcome, news feed, message, events, photos, you can see your NEW PAGE.

To see administrator privileges:

Click that page. A new page is opened.

On top of the page, click settings. You can see several admin options like general, page info, notifications, page roles, apps, suggested edits, featured, mobile, banned users etc.

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