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End to End Recruitment process:

End to End Recruitment process in a staffing firm involves bagging requirements, sourcing, screening and submitting resumes, interview process, selection, signing contracts and agreement, follow up, and maintaining relationship with clients, candidates and vendors, managing database, crediting salary and issuing payments to vendors etc.

End to End Recruitment process is same all over the world and the the recruiter finds out personal information, employer information (if applicable), expertise related to skills and whether the job seeker must have the eligibility to work in that country (citizens, work permits etc. ), eligibility to work in a particular profession (information technology, mechanical etc.) the privilege to work in that tax term (the tax form that will be accepted by the job seeker or the job seeker's employer) appropriate documents to sign in the contracts that are to be signed.

US Recruitment Process:

In US Recruitment Process, the recruiter collects the personal information, employer information (if applicable), technical information and finds out eligibility to work in that country (citizens, H-1B, EAD card holders), elibibility to work in a particular profession (information technology, mechanical) the privilege to work in that tax term (w2 or 1099) appropriate documents (incorporation certificate, tax returns, insurance etc) to sign in the contracts (msa, sow, po, wo) that are to be signed.

For more information, please visit our URL to get the right information for corp to corp, w2 and 1099 - Details to get from the Job Seeker.

US IT Recruitment Process:

In US IT Recruitment process, the requirements are specific from the information technology perspective and the process is similar like US Recruitment process.

In Information technology, recruiters get requirements on different titles like system administrator, unix administrator, ios developer, android developer, bi developer, project manager, data modeler QA Analyst, Business Analyst, QA Engineer etc and they do sourcing of candidate until the closure of the candidate.

US Recruitment Process - Example:

In the following example, Sales team, Recruitment Team, Finance Team, HR Team and Contracts Team in involved in this process. Most of the details provided below are related to recruitment manager and part of work done by sales managers, accounts manager, hr managers, and finance manager. In other sections, we will also explain about the process involved in other departments.

  • In most of the cases, Client will interview the candidate twice and make a decision of selecting or rejecting the candidate. These two interviews may be both telephonic or first interview over phone and the second by face to face. Nowadays with some clients, it's mandatory for the candidates to take the interview call using webcam.
  • Some clients provide expenses (air fare, car rental, food allowance) for face to face and some don't.
  • If client doesn't sponsor, then the Staffing/hiring companies
    • sponsor 100% up front for face to face expenses.
    • May reimburse 100% if candidate is selected by the client.
    • May spend 50% of the expense.
    • Don't sponsor. It is left to candidate.

In the following explanation, parties Involved are Candidate, Candidate's employer, Staffing Company, and Client. Mode of Hiring is either corp to corp or w2 on salary basis.

Sales Manager and Accounts Manager:

  • Sales Manager bags the requirements from clients and sends to Accounts Manager.
  • Accounts Manager sends requirements through email to Recruitment Manager to source candidates.

Role of Recruitment manager in US IT Recruitment Process:

Sources resume and manage recruitment team and participate in end to end recruitment process which will be explained in detail below.

A. Coordination of Recruitment manager with Recruitment Team and Accounts Manager:

  • Talks with Accounts Manager and understands the requirement from technical and business perspective.
  • Prepares Job Description, Skills needed for that requirement and send email to recruitment team.
  • Talks to relevant recruiters and explain the requirement. Follow up of requirements on a daily basis and if it's very urgent, following up on hourly basis or on minutes basis. If there are any challenges, educate the recruitment team about how to overcome it.

B. Sourcing:

  • Posts the requirement in sources like job boards/LinkedIn etc.
  • Sends requirements through email to own Contacts and by using job boards.
  • Initiates head hunting and gets reference from known circles.

C. Screening:

  • Prescreens resumes, sourced by him and arriving from various sources as mentioned above at INBOX (Microsoft outlook, gmail, yahoo mail, HotMail etc).
  • If the candidate is not independent candidate (Candidate works with another employer), talks with candidate's employer, get rate details/availability and then talks with candidate to get details.
  • Talks with the candidate and walk through the requirement and client details. Screens the candidate on recruitment perspective. Some recruitment managers may also technically evaluate the candidate since they would have worked as a technical/functional/techno functional consultant earlier.
  • Gets relevant details related to the requirement.
  • Sees other resumes submitted by colleagues (recruiters). Reads the resume/details submitted by them. If resume/details are okay, talks to the candidate, prescreens them. If resume/details are not okay or if the candidate is not strong or if it's a fake resume, then candidate is rejected. While discussing with the candidate, recruitment managers can figure it out, whether it's a fake resume. As and when required, talks to the colleagues for follow up.

D. Submission to Accounts Manager:

  • submits resumes along with relevant details through emails to Accounts Manager and copies the same to the recruitment team.

E. Submission Tracker:

  • Creates a tracker and enters all candidate's information submitted by him. Likewise asks other recruiters to enter information in that tracker for their respective candidates. Tracker means "Submission Data entered in a spreadsheet". Since it will be used for tracking purpose, we are calling it as tracker. We will explain about how to create "Submission Tracker" in the next section.

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