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H1B Checklist for new H1B (l2, opt, h4, f1), H1B transfer, h1b amendments, h1b extensions:

USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) accepts applications from US employers for filing New H-1B (ANNUAL CAP), H-1B transfer, H-1B amendments, and H-1B extensions.

  • US Employers interview the candidates who are in US (F1 visa students, H4, L2 etc.) and candidates across the world who are interested to get New H-1B.
  • Candidates, who are already working in US on H-1B, just before the H-1B expiry date, file for extensions through their employer.
  • If there is a change in the status on H-1B, then Candidate's employer files for amendments.
  • H1-B transfer application is filed through the new employer, for a candidate holding H-1B.

We have categorized the H1B checklist as personal information, visa related information and documents.

Employers send H1B checklist to candidates in the following situations to get relevant information.

1. What personal information is expected from the candidate for H-1B filing?

  • First Name, Middle Name (or Initial), Family Name or Surname, Other name or aliases
  • Gender, Marital Status
  • Current address and permanent address outside US
  • Phone (Home, Work, Cell) and email id
  • Date of birth, place of birth
  • Highest Degree and major field of study
  • Social Security Number (If you already have it)
  • What H-1B related information is expected from the candidate for H-1B filing (New H-1B or H-1B transfer or H-1B extension or H-1B amendment)
    • The US consulate name from which visa stamping has to be done.
    • Type of H-1B processing – Regular or Premium
    • Name of the employer sponsoring your H-1B, salary offered and job title
    • Name of your current employer, job title
    • Visa type and date when you FIRST entered US
    • Visa type and date when you LAST entered US
    • Current visa status and expiry date
    • I-94 expiry date
    • If you have previously worked in US or stayed in US through H-1B, H4, L1, L2
      • Visa Type, Entry and Exit Dates
    • Needing H4: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, of spouse and children, port of entry and port of entry date.
    • If you are in F-1 visa and currently doing OPT (Optical Practical Training), mention from date and end date.
    • If you will work in client site after your h1b receipt:
      • Client Name
      • Full Address
      • Duration of the contract
      • Full details of the client manager

2. What documents are expected from the candidate for H-1B processing?

Scanned or Physical Copies of Documents Needed New H-1B (Annual Cap) Other Visas to New H-1B H-1B Transfer H-1B Extension
Updated Resume with Employer Names Y Y Y Y
Education Certificates (Mark Sheets and Transcripts) Y Y Y Y
Computer or Computer Course or Technology Certifications (Mark Sheets and Transcripts) Y Y Y Y
Experience letters from current and previous employer Y Y Y Y
Offer letters from previous and current employer Y Y Y Y
Previous and Current Passport (All pages) Y Y Y Y
Foreign Credential Evaluation (If already available) Y Y Y Y
I-94 Cards (Front and Back)   Y Y Y
OPT Visa (EAD) and Sevis Form I-20 Y Y    
Previous H-1B and L1 Approval Notice     Y Y
If you are working in US with valid visa status, then your recent 3 to 6 pay checks     Y Y
Previous W2 Forms     Y Y

 Visas    Documents sent by Employer to USCIS for Regular or Premier Processing 



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