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Why Technical Recruiter Training for beginners or middle level is important?

A job description consists of Project Description, Job Duties, Responsibilities to each job duty, requirement, mandatory skills, desirable skills etc.

A technical recruiter must understand the job description from the technical recruitment perspective. Some examples of technical buzzwords in a typical project description include software development life cycle, full life cycle implementation, scratch to end implementation, waterfall methodology, agile methodology, analysis, modeling, designing, coding, testing, architecture, stream, framework etc.

When a technical recruiter gets a requirement with titles like Project manager/Program manager, database architect/data modeling architect, business analyst/business system analyst etc., then he/she will be really confused about the title and may not be able to figure out the right expectation of the requirement.

When a technical recruiter gets several requirements with different titles from different job domains (Finance, Insurance, HR, SCM, Manufacturing etc.), it will be difficult for the recruiter to understand all of these different skills. These must be really confusing for those who are starting their careers as technical recruiters and even middle level recruiters have problem in understanding the job description.

Some of these titles are like the following: For example, oracle applications financial functional consultant, oracle application technical consultant, oracle applications techno functional consultant, devops admin, devops developer, BI developer, etl developer, predictive bi developer etc.

When technical recruiters receive the requirements related to decision support systems, they may not know how to link business analysis, data modeling, data ware house, data mart, business intelligence.

There may be times, where the technical recruiter may not get the job description and may need to write their the job description themselves in order to get the job done which becomes a difficult task because they are not tech-savvy.

A Technical recruiter must understand:

  • The job description Technically which was verbally provided by the Account Managers
  • Write job descriptions Technically
  • Understand the Technical jargon used by the candidate during preliminary screening
  • Send Technical evaluation notes from the recruitment management perspective and send it to the account managers.

Note: Technical recruiter is an alternative word for IT Recruiter.

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