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One day Crash course on End-to-End Recruitment Process and learn how to clear the interview - Training On 11th March, 2018; Time: 10 AM to 6 PM; Venue: College Road, Chennai; Fee: Rs. 2250; Only limited seats. Reach Trainer@LearnHiring.com.

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Recruiter Training Course

Why LearnHiring.com is the best in Online Recruitment Training?

Feedback from students - Online Recruitment Training

Feedback from students - Online Recruitment/HR/Immigration

Testimonial - USA Recruitment Training

How we teach in Skype:

H1B VISA Bachelors CAP MASTERs Cap Training

About Training:

  • Job guaranteed
  • Interview Questions and Answers
  • Pleasant and easy to listen to
  • Trainer’s vast experience and tremendous knowledge
  • Nice Training Platform
  • Impressive case studies, Practical Examples, Self-Explanatory Examples and Relevant Examples
  • Sharing personal experience and professional experience
  • Engagement of people and highly interactive
  • Good Teaching and Training, Informative Training
  • Good Handout Materials
  • Role Play as recruiter and candidate

What we teach:

  • Online USA Recruitment Training
  • Online USA H1B Visa Preparation Training
  • Online USA Consular Visa Preparation Training
  • Online USA HR Generalist Training

After Training:

  • Guaranteed Job in India
  • Great Performance in your current job
  • Change your career

Course Content Overview:

Recruitment Overview:

  • Recruitment Overview
  • US Recruitment Overview
  • End Client, Tier1 Client, Vendor, Candidate, System Integrator, Pass Through Deal
  • US Time Zones, States, and Locations
  • Functions of different departments (Recruitment, Sales Finance, HR, Immigration, Contracts, Operations, System Administration, and Sales) in hiring a candidate.
  • Software Applications to be known
  • End to End Recruitment Overview: Job Description, Analysis of Job Description, Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing, Assessing, References Check, Shortlisting, Client Submission, Scheduling Client Interview, Selection, On Boarding, Maintaining relationship
  • Cost of Living
  • What does expenses cover for a candidate
  • SSN, Driving License
  • Salary Structure in US
  • Relocation
  • Benefits Overview
  • Doubts Clarification

Visa Overview & Tax Terms:

  • H1B cap, New H1B, H1B Transfer, CPT, L1, L2, H4, OPT, CPT, B1
  • GC, EAD, TN permit
  • Permanent Hiring & Contract Hiring
  • W2 Full Time, Hourly, Percentage
  • 1099
  • Corp-Corp
  • Benefits
  • Per Diem

Job Description & Sourcing Resumes:

  • Project Description Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Explanation of different skill sets
  • How to do pre-screening (personal, education, technical and negotiation)
  • Details to get from job seeker
  • Reference Check, Shortlisting, Submission to the client, Follow up with the client and candidate, Scheduling interview, Selection
  • Tracking
  • Contracts - Overview

Sourcing Resumes:

  • How to source resumes (job boards, social networking, search engines, groups, head hunting, referrals, database etc.)
  • Test on sourcing resumes.

Recruitment is all about hiring the right talent with good personality, which leads the way to success of a company. So it is crucial for any end client or the system integrator or a staffing company to have the right Recruitment personal in order to select the right talent. Each of the above firm may differ in their hiring process or approach but they have to be very strong in the basics of recruitment. To stay ahead in this cut throughout competition and challenges, recruiters have to adapt to the changing trends (e.g social networking), do proactive hiring, and create pipeline resumes. Recruiters have to develop rapport with clients/vendors/candidates and manage relationship and retain the talent.

Recruiters have to fill details in the recruitment tracker consistently for proactive hiring and reactive hiring, by which they will be able to learn from their costly mistakes and measure their own performance from the following metrics:

  • No of resumes submitted for the requirement
  • Turnaround Time for submitting the resumes
  • Qualified Resumes to Requirement
  • Submission to selection Ratio
  • Offer to joining ratio
  • Number of Hires

From my experience as a senior Recruiter, I have seen many recruiters do following things one or in many ways.

  • Writing poor job description in job boards
  • Sourcing the resumes without understanding the project description and requirement
  • Sourcing the resumes with key words in the skill set. (Note: It is not mandatory that candidates will list all of their skills in their resumes)
  • Talking to fewer candidates and speaking less time with the candidates
  • Forwarding the resumes without doing the preliminary screening.
  • Posting the requirement in job boards and waiting for the candidates to call
  • With less knowledge in tax terms (w2, c2c, 1099)
  • With less knowledge in visa terms
  • With less knowledge in social networking
  • Not able to identify the fake working experience, fake age, false information about visas.
  • Not able to explain about their own company and its prospects and attract candidates.
  • Lagging in co-operation and co-ordination within the team.

All the above problems may be due to inexperience in the recruitment field, lack of practical work experience or less willingness to learn.

FAQs - IT Recruiter Training Program:

What's special about IT Recruiter Program?

The Recruiter course has been designed for fresher with inputs from my experience and from several recruiting companies. IT Recruiter Programs uses a cased based approach to learning.

What are some of the job profiles at the entry level in Recruitment?

  • Recruiter
  • Business Development Manager
  • Bench Sales Manager

Do I need to know IT to enroll into this program?

No. IT knowledge is not mandatory. However, those who are familiar with IT basics will be able to use it to their advantage.

What are the average starting salaries in this recruiting field?

In India, salary is between INR 1 lakh to 2.4 lakhs per annum. In USA, it starts from $1500.

Who are some of the major employers hiring recruiters?

There are mainly three types of employers:

  • Large IT & Consulting companies (Wipro, Cognizant, HCL, Wipro, TCS, Cap Gemini, Accenture, Deloitte, Price Water Cooper etc.)
  • All clients (Fidelity Investments, Amazon, Google, EBay, Wal-Mart etc.) where IT and Consulting Companies implement the project.
  • Staffing Companies (Those who source resumes for client, IT & Consulting Companies). In US, there are about 6,000 firms that have been in business a year or more. Those companies operate approximately 20,000 offices.
  • Several staffing companies from US have outsourced their recruitment process, which is called as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). They have their own branches in India.
  • Several Staffing Companies in USA, UK, APAC and MIDDLE EAST have their own branch office in India.

Why would one go for this field? What is the future scope in this domain?

  • This is one of the most exciting fields.
  • Opportunity to go to US after hands on experience (either your employer will file a b1 visa or h1 visa) for you. For other abroad opportunities, it all depends upon the companies that you are joining.
  • Anyone can work anywhere; everywhere in the world (only visa formalities and tax terms get changes). The basics and fundamentals of IT remain same.
  • Not mandatory to have Bachelor of Engineering Degree.
  • Easy to learn and adapt to the recruitment domain.
  • As you gain more experience, you will work as Recruitment Director or Vice President-Recruitment or you may start your own business.

What are the eligibility and prerequisites for joining the program?

  • Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Degree in Engineering, +2 (Twelfth grade students can also learn if they have excellent communication skills.)
  • Should know how to work on lap top or desk top.
  • Should have knowledge about emailing, Excel, Word, and to search on search engines.
  • Focus
  • Willingness to learn
  • Positive Attitude
  • Good Communication Skills

What tools are taught?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dice, Monster, TechFetch.

Is the course conceptual or hands-on?

Course is conceptual with hands-on.

Can and should professionals with experience in some other fields switch to?


What is the duration of the program?

1 week (20 hours)

Is the program offered India or Worldwide?

Face to Face recruiter training is provided in Chennai, India. Online Training can be to anyone, anywhere.

To become a successful recruiter within a shorter duration, please send email to Trainer@LearnHiring.com.

Recruiter Training Course

Training Schedules
1) One day Crash course on End-to-End Recruitment Process and learn how to clear the interview - Training On 11th March, 2018; Time: 10 AM to 6 PM; Venue: College Road, Chennai; Only limited seats.

2) Online US IT Recruitment Training starts on 10th April, 2018.
Reach Trainer@LearnHiring.com.


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