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IT Recruiter Job Interview Questions and Answers – Service Fees for full time, referral, pass through deal:

1. What do you know about our company?

From your website I learnt that your company is involved in product development, system integration, and staffing with various companies.
Your company's turnover is 100 million us$.
More than 350 employees are working.
From clients and employees testimonials, it looks like it’s a very good company.

2. Why do you want to join in our company as a recruiter?

I believe that my skills can benefit your company.
To improve my skills and add value to your company.
Working environment is good.
From clients and employees testimonials, it looks like it’s a very good company.
Your company is an employee oriented organization which takes care of the vertical growth of the employee.

3. Why should I hire you as a recruiter? OR How you will add value to our company as a recruiter?

I am an aggressive recruiter and can submit resumes within the turnaround time. Since I am fast in my submission, I can avoid duplication of resumes with the clients.
I can do more closures.
I can adapt to the policies and recruiting standards of your company.
I know the complete end to end recruitment process in full time and contract requirements.
I have worked in various techniques of sourcing resumes.
I will manage good relations with clients, vendors, candidates and colleagues.
I can talk to people at various levels.

4. What is the nature of your company’s business?

Our company is 100% staffing company and has very good 15 end clients. We work on contract staffing and full time requirements.

Note: Based on your company's business, you can explain them.

5. What is the current turnover of your present company?

20 million dollars is the current turnover of our company.

6. How many employees are working in your company? How many are full time and on contracting?

70 employees are on our w2 and 90 employees are in contract staffing.

7. On what skill sets are your employees working?

Our company is focused on oracle applications and 90% of our consultants are working in different modules of oracle applications as technical consultant, functional consultant, techno functional consultant, oracle dba and oracle apps dba. We also work on other non-oracle apps requirements from our clients.

Note: Based on your past experience, answer these questions.

  Recruiter Job Interview Questions and Answers – Service Fee – Finder Fee    Home Based Recruitment 


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