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How to source and view resumes and requirements using Twitter?

After signing in, on top of the home page of Twitter, a search is box provided by Twitter and you can search the TWEETS by typing proper phrases. Some of the examples are mentioned below with OR clause, AND clause, NOT clause from recruitment perspective.

What you are searchingSyntax - Phrase to be used in Twitter search box
oracle developer"oracle developer"
oracle developer or sql server developer"oracle developer" or "sql server developer"
oracle and java and hibernate and struts and springoracle java hibernate struts spring
oracle developer and not oracle dba"oracle developer" -"oracle dba"
sent from oracledevtools with java developer "java developer" from:oracledevtools
sent from oracleblogs or oracledatabase"from:oracleblogs" OR "from:oracledatabase"
sent to oracleblogsto:oracleblogs
if hashtag #recruiting is present#recruiting

You can get more help for searches with examples by visiting https://support.twitter.com/articles/71577-using-advanced-search.

You can see the basics of using Twitter: https://support.twitter.com/groups/50-welcome-to-twitter#topic_203.

If you need advanced search options, you can go to https://twitter.com/search-advanced and you can search by word, people, places, dates and other.

All of these wordsFrom these accountsFrom this date to date
This Exact PhraseTo these accounts 
Any of these wordsMentioning these accounts 
None of these words  
These HashTagsPlacesOther
Written In Languages:Near these placeSelect positive, negative, questions, retweet

Example of Advanced Search:

How to use Advanced Search for Recruiting

Save Search:

After you searched, you can see an option “SAVE” below the search box. Click that and your search will be saved. If you want to search by using the “saved search” once again, click that search box and you can see the list of searches saved there. You can delete the searches also.

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