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You are here: Home Recruiter Resources Details to get from the Job Seeker

Details to get from the Job Seeker:

As a recruiter or recruitment manager, your first introduction to the job seeker is very important. If it's a full time position with your company or with the client, you have to create confidence and trust with the job seeker within 10 to 15 minutes in to your first conversation with job seeker.

The more you know about your company, client, benefits, policies, requirement, more will be your capability to answer the questions from Job Seeker. If you unsure about your answer for certain question from the job seeker, convey to the candidate that you will get it clarified with your manager and let him know ASAP.

When you talk to the job seeker about full time/permanent:

  • Explain about your company's details like (when it was incorporated, it's focus, what your company does, how many employees or associates currently working, how many branches, how many business units or line of businesses, brief explanation about your business units, total revenue of the company). Similarly explain about your client also.
  • Explain about the different benefits he will be getting when job seeker joins your company. (e.g H1B Visa Sponsor, H4 Visa Sponsor, Bench Salary, Vacation, Holidays, Insurance (Health, Dental, Vision, Life), 401k, Green Card Processing, Relocation Policies, Sign On Bonus, Performance Bonus, per diem, Incentives etc).
  • Explain about selection process: Interview Process (How many interviews-telephonic and/or face to face, offer letter date, joining date etc.)
  • Requirement: Explain about the client, about the project (scratch to end implementation or support or upgrade), job description, skills needed, how many consultants from your company are working with the client, and if selected, and what is their role.
  • When you talk to the job seeker or job seeker's employer about Contract/corp-corp:
    Explain about the requirement, brief introduction about the client (if necessary)

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