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Hotlist Sales Manager:

In a staffing firm, Hotlist Sales Manager and Recruiter are like two faces of a coin. When Staffing firms hires candidates in their own payroll, Hotlist Sales Managers play a vital role in placing those candidates with clients.

A recruiter sources resume for requirements and always is in need of resumes, whereas a Hotlist sales manager sells consultants (places candidates) with the client and always is in need of requirements.

Recruiters work is little easy, when compared to Hotlist Sales Manager.

Within 1 to 3 months, anyone can become a recruiter, but for Hotlist Sales Manager, you always need contacts to sell your consultants and it takes time to become Hotlist Sales Manager. You can see several recruiters in the market but only few Hotlist Sales Managers and usually Hotlist Sales Manager's salary is high when compared to recruiters. Hotlist Sales Managers are also called as H1 Sales Manager, Bench Sales Manager, Business Development Manager. Since Hotlist Sales Managers always deal with requirements, they have to do business development for bagging new requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities of Hotlist Sales Manager:

  • Understanding Candidates' resume.
  • Formatting resume.
  • Posting candidate's resume in Job Boards.
  • Searching requirements in Job Boards and submitting resumes.
  • Posting resume in Social Networking Sites.
  • Floating consultant's resume in Google Groups, Yahoo Groups etc.
  • Sending consultant's resume along with details to their contacts through email.
  • Communicating with the candidate on a daily basis and update about submissions to clients, interview scheduling etc.
  • Arranging interview with tier1 client or with the end clients.
  • Follow up with candidate, Client in each stage and finally closing the candidate.
  • Coordinate with other teams.

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