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Home Based Recruitment:

Staffing firms now allow their recruitment group (recruiters, hot list sales managers, business development managers, accounts managers, director, vice president, president) to work from home. So, the main advantage in recruitment is either you can work as an employee of an organization or can start your own company and do home based recruitment or you can still be an employee of on organization and working from home. If you start your own company, you can set up a portion of your home as your office.

Before starting your home based company,

  • Discuss with attorney about
    • how to incorporate your own company;
    • Rules/Regulation set by Federal/State/County/City authorities.
    • Service fees to them
  • Also search a company that can provide you with all necessary contracts/forms (offer letter, MSA, SOW, Invoice etc) needed to run your company.
  • Discuss with CPA (certified public accountant) about tax benefits/documents needed and ask about annual service fees.
  • Discuss with web designers about creating a website (how much it would cost, and how much to maintain/update it on yearly basis).
  • You can also try tools provided by YAHOO or GOOGLE to set up your website.

What you need for HOME BASED recruitment?

  • Desktop or Laptop. Laptop will be convenient since it is portable.
  • Stand Bye Battery for Laptop, if power failure happens.
  • Software MicroSoft (MS) Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Adobe Reader, Create PDF, WinZip, Browsers like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Yahoo Messenger, and antivirus software. The above mentioned software is commonly used in recruitment industry and as per your needs/employer needs, you may install new software related to recruitment domain.
  • Telephone and Telephone Number
  • Modem and Internet Connection
  • Scanner, Printer, and Fax
  • Additional: Provisions for Video Conferencing, Webex, GoToMeeting, Conference Call, Projector, Options for Converting fax messages to email messages, Converting voice messages to email attachments, Accessories for your Backup of your emails and other data.

The under mentioned table, provides information about products used in your home based recruitment and tips to buy/subscribe to those products. In the next section, we will describe how to use that software.

Sl.No Product Name Company Name Website
1 Lap Top, Battery Dell, Toshiba, HP www.dell.com, www.hp.com, www.toshiba.com
2 MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook Microsoft www.Microsoft.com
3 Create PDF (Product Name) Adobe www.Adobe.com
4 WinZip WinZip www.WinZip.com
5 Outlook Express (You may get it by default when you buy laptop, windows based) MicroSoft www.Microsoft.com
6 Internet Explorer (You may get it by default when you buy laptop, windows based); other browsers, you can download from internet MicroSoft www.Microsoft.com
7 AntiVirus Software (You may get it by default when you buy laptop); Otherwise McAfee, Norton McAfee, Symantec www.Mcafee.com, www.Symantec.com
8 Yahoo Messenger (You can download it from Yahoo) Yahoo Messenger.Yahoo.com
9 Scanner, Printer, Fax, Projector, Paper, Telephone, Cartridge and other office utilities Office Max, Staples, Office Depot or other Vendors you’re your locality. www.Officemax.com, www.Staples.com, www.OfficeDepot.com
10 Webex Cisco www.Webex.com
11 Telephone, Conference Call, Converting fax messages to email messages, Converting voice messages to email attachments Telephone Service Provider Speak to Telephone connection provider and find out whether the options are available
12 Wireless Internet Connection, Standard Internet Connection, Modem Internet Service Provider Speak to Internet connection provider and find out whether the options are available

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