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You are here: Home Recruiter Resources Dice - General Information

Dice - General Information

Dice contains lot of information and we will be discussing few features ONLY. Assumption: You should have purchased employer login for "Job Posting" from www.Dice.com. Navigations that we mention here may be changed by DICE in near future, so to get latest update, go to www.Dice.com.

Go to www.Dice.com. Click employer login and type email id and password. Click Login. You will go to a new page. On the new page, you can see menus/submenus on top of the page.

Menus: Dice, My Dice, My Jobs, Find Candidates, Reports, Settings, Acct Mgmt, Resources and Sign Out.

Sub Menus: Wherever you see drop down arrows, you can see submenus and we have provided those details in Bulletin Points.

  • Dice: When you click, it will go to home page of Dice.
  • My Dice: This will show active jobs, candidate folders, Find Candidates, Run a Search Agent.
  • My Jobs: This menu is useful for Job Posting
    • Post a New Job: By clicking this link, you can post a new job.
    • Active Jobs: You can see all active jobs.
    • Inactive Jobs: After the requirement is closed, you usually inactivate the Job Posting. You can see all inactive jobs by clicking "InActive Jobs". You have provisions in Dice to repost that inactivated posting.
    • All Jobs: You can see all active jobs and inactive jobs.
    • Search all jobs: You can search for all jobs (active or inactive). Filters are provided and you can use that.
    • Questionnaire: For prescreening the candidate, you can use create questionnaire, and you can attach with job posting. There are three types of questions: a) Yes/No Question; b) Choice Question; c) Free Form Question. You provide scores for Yes/No Question and Choice Question and based on that you can evaluate the candidate.
  • Find Candidates: This menu is useful for searching resumes, saving those resumes in folder, create letters and send letters to candidates.
    • Quick Talent Match: You can search candidates by using this option.
    • Advanced Talent Match: You can search candidates and has more filters when compared to Quick Talent Match.
    • Search Agents: You can search on a particular requirement and you can save that search with useful name. DICE will automatically send information, if it finds a right candidate matching your requirement.
    • Candidate Folder: You can create folder based on skill sets. When you view resumes, and if you like it, you can save those resumes in the folder.
    • Address Book.
    • Manage Letters; Sent Letters: With manage letters, you can create a letter and with sent letters, you can see the candidates to whom letter has been sent.
  • Reports: You can see reports by using this folder
    • Report Results Folder, Dice Activity Report, Custom Job Report, Custom Activity Report.
  • Settings:
    • My Preferences
    • You can change your contact information
    • Change my password: You can change your password
    • Change Active Group
  • Acct Mgmt:
    • View Group
    • Search for a user
  • Resources: By clicking different options mentioned below and reading contents, you can become an expert in recruiting.
    • Online Help, HR Care, Dice Products, Recruiter Resources, Best Practices for Online Job Postings.
  • Sign Out: By clicking this "Sign Out", you can log out of Dice.

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