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Recruitment Forms – EIN, I-9, W-9, Drug Testing, BGC, Liability Insurance FAQ:

After the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work is signed, following company related filled or copies of forms are expected by the vendor or the client. In the next section, we will describe about the forms expected by the vendor from the candidate. As a recruiter or business development manager or bench sales manager, if you have knowledge about I-9, W-9, Certificate of Incorporation, Liability Insurance, Certificate of Good Standing, EIN, it will be easier for you to talk to the vendor. If you know these details, you will have an edge when compared to the others, by which you will get a senior role in your organization. Nowadays companies expect more knowledge from you and in near future, if you take interviews with other companies, then you can definitely stand out when compared to other candidates participating in the interview. You can also definitely negotiate for a better salary package. Following frequently asked questions will help you to get more knowledge.

1. What employer documents are needed by the vendor on corp to corp after the candidate is selected by the client?

Few companies may request all of these documents and other companies may ask for few documents.

  • Certificate of Incorporation with Date and State
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) documentation from the IRS.
  • Letter from accountant or tax preparing personal indicating all tax documents have been filed or a copy of an 1120S.
  • Proof of General Liability, Worker's Compensation, and Automobile Insurance (Naming <Vendor Name> as additional insured)
  • Web site address or company brochure
  • Business card & Original Corporate letterhead
  • Copies of invoices from professionals who do business with your corporation
  • Copy of business phone line monthly bill (first page)
  • W 9 Form

2. What is Certificate of Incorporation?

When someone starts a company in any of the states in US, a legal document is provided by the State itself, which is called as Certificate of Incorporation. In that document, you can find the date and state name from which it is issued.

3. What is Employer Identification Number?

Employer Identification Number is also known as Federal Tax Identification Number is a unique 9 digit number issued by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to the employers. With this number, employers can be easily identified, and their tax information also. Tax Identification Number and Employer Identification Number (EIN) are same. If you are using for Employment purpose (to sign the master service agreement, client will ask the vendor for employer identification number) then it is employer identification number. If you are using it for tax purpose, then it is called as tax identification number. If someone has to hire employees, then EIN is required, but a TIN is not required to hire employees.

4. What is I-9?

Form I-9 is issued by USCIS (United States and Citizenship and Immigration Services) and is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. Whenever a candidate changes address, then I-9 has to be filled.

In this form, employee has to fill details like First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Alien or Admission Number, Expiry date of the Alien Number and sign it.

Employer has to fill details like Document Title, Issuing Authority, Document number, Expiration Date, Company’s name, Address and sign it.

Several companies have updated their websites to get this information electronically and there are companies, who have also automated this process.

Employers should also store it.

5. What is w-9?

W-9 is a form issued by Internal Revenue Service and employers have to fill that form to get Tax Identification Number and certification.

6. What is Liability Insurance?

When a candidate joins as a contractor with client through vendors, unexpectedly, some problems related to medical, personal injury, bodily injury may happen to the candidate during the contract period or some kind of property damage, software damage may also happen to the client because of the candidate.

In order to protect the client and candidate, vendor request that Liability Insurance Certificate has to be provided by the firm representing the candidate. So the vendor asks the representing firm to submit a liability insurance certificate. Representing firm pays money to Liability insurance providers and they issue a certificate, which is called as Certificate of Liability Insurance. This certificate is forwarded by the firm representing the candidate to the vendor.

This certificate will have the producer name, insurer(s) affording coverage, certificate holder, insured name, additional insured name, policy number, policy effective date, policy expiry date, coverage specification and insurance limit.

This certificate contains types of insurance like general liability, automobile liability, workers compensation and employer’s liability.

7. What is certificate of good standing?

This certificate is issued by the state Government about the business.

Example: the <title> of the <state government name>, do hereby certify that the above <state name> Domestic Profit Corporation was registered by this office on January 27, 2086.

As of the date of this certificate, said business continues as an active business in good standing in the <state name>, and its Annual Reports are current.

I further certify that the registered agent and registered office are : <address>

8. What are the other forms sent by the vendor to the candidate's employer?

  • BackGround Check Form
  • Drug Testing Form
  • Fingerprinting Form
  • Emergency Contact Form

9. Is there any additional form to be submitted?

For state government and federal government, filling and submission of some additional forms will be required. With some companies, they may expect some additional documents also.

At times, candidate has to send the air ticket, information about hotel arrangement.

  IRS Tax Form - W2     Information about Background Check, SSN, Drug Testing  



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