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Online training on US Recruitment/US HR Generalist/H1B and L1 Work Permit Preparation/US Consulate Interview. Reach Trainer@LearnHiring.com.

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H1B Visa Preparation Training:

Fee Structure:

H1B CAP Visa Preparation Training: 6,500/- INR

You have to pay minimum fees of INR 6,500/- for H-1B cap training. In addition, if you need training on other courses mentioned below, you have to pay additional Rs.2,000/- for each course.

If you are interested to take the entire course, then it is INR 13,000/- only. Discount provided: INR 6,500/-

Additional Fees:

  • H-1B Master’s CAP Visa Preparation Training: 2,000/- INR
  • H-1B CAP - Change of Status (from L1 to H1B, L2 to H1B, H4 to H1B) Visa Preparation Training: 2,000/- INR
  • H-1B Transfer (Change of Employer) Visa Preparation Training: 2,000/- INR
  • H-1B Amendment Visa Preparation Training: 2,000/- INR
  • Normal H-1B Extension within 6 years Visa preparation Training: 2,000/- INR
  • H-1B Extension after 6 years using PERM and I-140 Visa Preparation Training: 2,000/- INR

H-1B Visa Preparation Training Program

Theoretical and Practical online training through SKYPE on how to prepare:

  • H1B CAP Visa Petition Preparation
  • H1B Visa Extension Petition Preparation
  • H1B Visa Amendment Petition Preparation
  • Submission of completed petition to USCIS (United States and Citizenship and Immigration Services) for approval
  • Contact for further information: Trainer, Email ID: Trainer@LearnHiring.com.

About Trainers

  • US Citizen and Vice President(Immigration) of an US Incorporation
  • Owner of www.LearnHiring.com, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

About us

We prepare

  • H1B CAP
  • H1B Extension
  • H1B Amendment petition for candidates residing inside/outside US
  • Dependent visas like H4, L2 etc. for candidates residing inside/outside US
  • Visiting visas B1/B2

We also provide

  • H1B preparation training program on CAP, Extension and Amendment
  • We provide US Recruitment training program

H1B Visa Preparation Training Program Duration:

Total Days:20, Total Hours: 20, One hour per day, MON through FRI

Activity Owner Duration Day
Documents and Information Explanation Trainer 5 hours Day 1 to 5
Forms, Letters, Important Websites Explanation Trainer 5 hours Day 6 to Day 10
Forms, Letters Preparation Trainer 5 hours Day 11 to Day 15
Forms, Letters Preparation Students 5 hours Day 16 to Day 20

Upon completion of this Course:

1. On completion of this course, Students will be able to prepare H1B petition for the following classifications:

  • H1B Visa CAP
  • H1B Visa Extension
  • H1B Visa Amendment

2. On completion of this course.

  • You will get a Certificate, which will state that you have worked on H1B CAP, Extension and H1B Amendment.

Who can join:

  • Freshers, Beginners with Graduation
  • Recruiters
  • Bench Sales Managers
  • Paralegal Assistants living outside USA
  • HR
  • US Immigration Assistants
  • US Incorporation (Big or Small)
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Interested to open a new staffing firm incorporation


  • Attorney Service Fees: Nowadays US attorney services charges ranges from $700 to $1400 for each H1B petition. Post taking this course, straight forward H1B petitions can be prepared and attorneys contact is eliminated. Request based assistance is available.
  • HR’s who are coordinating with US attorneys can get more knowledge from our course and share the right information to the candidates/employees/attorney. So complicated H1B process can be changed to simple process and turnaround time to submit the right petition to the attorney will be less.
  • LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing): LPO can be outsourced. Example: Hire an Indian National and pay less salary when compared to high salary in USA.
  • Students can get a job in US Immigration (H1B preparation). When they perform well, opportunity will be provided to visit US on B1 visa or H1B employment visa.
  • Recruiter, Bench Sales Managers can change their profession to US Immigration.
  • Recruiters can get more knowledge on US H1B preparation process. They can confidently talk with candidates and hire them on full time basis.

Program joining procedure:

How we train?

  • Share Skype Username and Microsoft Account Name.(If you don’t have, please register).
  • Accept our invitation to join in Skype.
  • Attend our training session.
  • Before the session starts, PPT Presentation (slides) will be sent to the student.
  • The same slide will be shared on SKYPE and trainer will run through the program.
  • Interactive Sessions (Theoretical and Practical) through Skype.

How to pay?

  • Amount can be credited either through PAYPAL or to our Indian account through NEFT.

Contact for further information:

Email: Trainer@LearnHiring.com.

H1B Visa Preparation Training

H1B Visa Preparation Training - Course Syllabus 


Training Video

Demo Session

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