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H-1B Work Permit (CAP) Filing Consultation:

It’s a very tough year for H-1B sponsors who filed H-1B cap petition for H-1B CAP 2018. 85% out of the lottery-selected petitions have received request for evidence (RFE) from USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). We presume that the same trend will likely to continue in H-1B cap 2019 quota and H-1B Cap 2020 too. Even after revoking the premium process from April, 2017 until September 2017, it took USCIS for more than 6 months after the lottery process to send the RFEs for the selected candidates(for some petitions RFE had been issued on October 4, 2017). The main focus of the USCIS is to select the right candidate and checking whether the relevant salary is paid to the employees.

H-1B sponsors are wondering what they should do / what they should have done after seeing the RFEs. By not providing the appropriate salary levels or by missing information in the support letter or by not providing the correct client information or by ignoring the advice from H-1B cap filing experts, few employers might have received RFEs from USCIS or denied by USCIS.

What has happened now:

  • Attorney professional fees increased to respond to RFEs. Now they have created another option called expedited RFE response, for which they will charge even more.
  • The same trend mentioned above has happened with expert opinion agencies and expert opinion fees have increased considerably along the way.
  • Whether a new start up company can submit H-1B petitions for their future employees in this tough periods?

In future, what will happen:

  • Attorneys professional service fees for filing H-1B CAP petitions might increase
  • Attorneys professional service fees for responding to H-1B CAP response might increase
  • Attorneys professional service fees for responding to H-1B amendment, H-1B extension might increase
  • Credential evaluation professional service fees might increase.
  • Expert Opinion fees might increase.
  • 80% H-1B cap petitions will receive RFEs.
  • Time taken to Respond to RFEs will increase.
  • How to identify the right H-1B immigration expert/attorney for filing H-1B cap petitions?

How LearnHiring.com can help the H-1B employers or H-1B sponsors.

  • Consultation over phone for H-1B cap.
  • In person discussion.
  • H-1B visa CAP preparation training ONLINE.
  • Advice/suggestions on how to avoid most RFEs issued by USCIS in H-1B cap 2019?

We have consolidated few questions that are very important for any employer to full fill their needs or client’s needs from department of labor/USCIS perspective.

LCA: Labor Condition Application:

  • Whether the LCA must be filed by attorneys or by the H-1B sponsor?
  • Can you use LCA filed for one employee for another employee?
  • What are the key parameters that Department of Labor reviews in LCA?
  • How to get the right standard occupation code that meets Department of Labor's expectations?
  • Why Level1, Level 2, Level 3… salary is important?
  • What attribute should be same in LCA, SOW and Client Letter? On which situation the client letter is not needed?
  • How to get prevailing wage and include it in LCA if your employee will work in one location or more than one location?
  • How long it takes to get approval from Department of Labor?
  • What is PAF?
  • What is Department of Labor Audit? How to overcome the difficulties?

USCIS - General:

  • What are the key parameters (data, documents) USCIS looks at while approving the petition or requesting evidence?
  • Which document is very important in response to RFE issued by USCIS?
  • How to prepare organization chart per USCIS expectation?
  • What must be mentioned in support letter and the supporting documents needed by USCIS?

USCIS - Right to Control:

  • What is Right to control and why it is required by USCIS?
  • Why supervisor information is needed by USCIS?
  • What USCIS expects from client Letter?

USCIS – Organization Chart/Duties/Responsibilities/Percentage of Split of Job Duties

  • How to prepare job duties, responsibilities, percentage split of job duties per USCIS expectation?
  • Is title important or Job Duties important?

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H-1B CAP Work Permit Filing Consultation  



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