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Online USA Recruitment Training Course starts on 29th August, 2017 | 1.5 hours per day | Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday | Morning 7.30 AM to 9.00 AM IST. Please reach Trainer at 91-9080157239 or send an email to Trainer@LearnHiring.com to know more about the Training Program!...

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H1B Visa Preparation Training USA H1B Visa Preparation Training Course Starts on 31st July, 2017. 1.5 hours per day (Monday, Wednesday & Friday Morning 7.30 AM to 9.00 AM IST).

US HR Training US HR GENERALIST & Accounts Management Training Course Starts in August, 2017.

Recruiter Training Online USA Consular Visa Preparation Training Course on H-1B/L-1A/L-1B/H4/L2/B1/B2 Starts in October, 2017.

For more information, please contact Antony at 91-9080157239 or Trainer@LearnHiring.com.

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Online US IT Recruiter & Bench Sales Training:

Find the Right Career! Not just Any Job!!!

 Searching for a HOME BASED JOB? or a Home Based Business?

 Looking for a Free Lanced Job? or a Part Time Job?

 Dreaming of earning more than $100,000 or more in a year?

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 Planning to go for recruitment training? or for recruitment induction class?

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